Head of JC Review JCs not only teach English, we also teach PEOPLE.

This was my third year as a Junior Counselor for YK Pao’s summer program. I treat working with the kids with passion and honor; therefore, they were able to give me their full trust.

High point 1: While we were sharing our own stories with each other the campers called me Father Yu. It was at that point I had an impression that all those kids are my own children and I am responsible for their future endeavors. The feeling of becoming a father is hard to describe. For example, as a dorm parent I actually only need to be on duty from8:30-10:00. But personally, I care more about the amount of sleep the students, or rather my children, have at night, which will affect their performance the next day, so I always stay in the hallway until midnight to ensure that all students went to sleep properly. We are excellent friends during the day. However, when I am on duty, I am responsible for their personal safety and overall performance.

High point 2: When all 52 Junior Counselors were selected after a 2-month application process, I was excited and I couldn’t wait to work with such a brilliant team during our summer program. After interviewing 30% of the candidates in our JC 2016 application pool, I can clearly feel the students’ enthusiasm in taking part in the summer program.

Low Point 1: It is so difficult for me to think of a low point during this two week, but if there must be one it would be the time when the kids woke me up at midnight telling me that they felt bored. I immediately jumped up from bed and pulled him back to his own dorm, asked him to read a chapter of a book and write a short reflection. He made me feel extremely annoyed at that time, but afterwards he did help me by taking over several leadership roles in the dorm, which made really impressed me as I look back on it right now.

Low Point 2: All candidates I interviewed were in some cases unique and I believed that they had the ability to succeed at least as a JC in our day camp, but the number of applicants greatly exceeded the maximum number of JCs we were able to admit. It was so hard for me to make recruitment decisions and refuse lots of talented candidates.


“JCs not only teach English, we also teach PEOPLE. 见习辅导员不止教授孩子英文,我们更会教授他们如何去为人”

“Every year, JCs do amazing things during summer program, what will you do? 每年,包校暑期活动都离不开辅导员们令人惊叹的贡献,你又会做出什么改变?”

Wish you all the best of luck during work and look forward to meet you all next year!

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