Family Dedications Jacob's Well, Spring 2017

He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.

- Psalm 78:5-7


Son of Timothy and Amy Dees - Born November 24, 2015

Elijah is named after his great-grandfather (James Richard Hunt) and the biblical prophet Elijah. His defining feature throughout his life has been his happy smile, which is most prominent when he’s playing with his big brother, Gerrit. Our prayer for Elijah is that he continues to grow in wisdom and maturity without losing his infectious joy. Our hope for him is that he becomes be a man of humble kindness, like his great-grandfather, and that he carries the message of God’s justice and mercy with boldness, like the prophet Elijah.


Son of Pat and Liz Downes - Born April 7, 2014

The Lord has made you bold yet affectionate. Born into a season of significant uncertainty and change in our family, you have been undaunted by any situation while being warm and supportive to your brother and parents. Our prayer for you is grow into the man God has planned for you, being undeterred by pressures of the world and whole-hearted in your pursuit of Him. We love you dearly and commit as parents to supporting you in the pursuit of God’s will.


Son of Pat and Liz Downes - Born December 22, 2016

We thank the Lord for you, who crafts you according to His plans and goes before you in your (eventual) steps. Our prayer is that you embrace the works of God in your life and pursue His will in your endeavors. We commit as parents to helping you seek His will in your life and supporting you as you become the man God intends for you to be. It is our joy to have you in our family.


Son of Blair and Jacqueline Maginnis - Born February 18, 2017

We are overjoyed that our son, Josiah Austin, has joined our family! In Hebrew, Josiah means "God is our Healer". We chose this name because God healed us of infertility. For many months, we prayed earnestly while undergoing infertility treatment and the Lord answered our prayers in His precious timing. Our prayer for our son is that he will be a strong man that desires to follow God in obedience every day of his life. Josiah has already showed us his strength by holding his head high during tummy time and bets are out on what position he will play on the football field when he is older (we are hoping he will follow in his Dad’s footsteps)! A fun fact about our little boy is that the Biblical meaning of Josiah is "Fire of God" and, to our surprise, he has red hair! God has richly blessed us by giving us the opportunity to raise Josiah and we are so grateful for His grace.


Daughter of Steve and Sarah McLean - Born August 23, 2016

Julie Grace McLean was born to Steve, Sarah, and big siblings Evie, John, and Cate on August 23, 2016. Her name honors Sarah's sister Julie and reflects our prayer that she would cultivate a loving, hospitable, and joyful soul as she experiences the grace of God, and that she would be an instrument of that grace to the world around her. Julie already loves with a big smile and a big heart and just one snuggle with her is enough to cheer anybody up. We cannot imagine our family without this sweet, wonderful girl and we are so thankful for her every day.

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”

Psalm 145:4

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