Tony hale's Christmas story. Polar bears rule

Earl the polar bear was tired of seeing only snow and ice. He told his mother that it's time for him to go somewhere different without snow. His mother told him that was he's a polar bear but it didn't matter to him. He found a airport and bought a plane ticket to sandiago and his new life was beginning. A day later he was in sandiago and the first thing he did was find a new home to live in. He had found a new job and home for the first time he had seen new sights and new neighbors. His job was for a company that gave the military new ways to protect the world and serve their commanders.

Earls life was great but his mother was still in antartica and he missed her so he bought her a ticket and she flew to sandiago. Earl saw his mother ran to her and gave her a bear hug. Earls mother asked earl to help her find a job and a home. Earl would always help his mother. Earl and his mother rode in earls SUV until they found a perfect house for his mother. They bought the house and their life's were going great. Earl had found a girlfriend who was very nice and happy to live with him. 2 Years later Earl proposed to his girlfriend and three months later they got married. 9 months later Earl and his wife had a son and daughter who loved both of them very much. Earls mother had knitted gloves and hats for the cold witer that was coming. Earls daughter had coughs the flu but was given chicken soup and hot cocoa to get rid of her cold.

Earls family was very happy to celebrate earls 3 year anniversary for moving to sandiago. The family was going to Applebees to celebrate and 2 months later the family celebrate Christmas. After the new year the family had the children go to the intermediate school to learn about history and culture. While at school earl and his wife talked about getting a cat or dog while clean the home from the Christmas party with the neighbors. The whole neighborhood was quiet and helping others take down Christmas lights. The whole family was peaceful and happy. Earl and the wife got into arguments once in a while but they settled it with some hot cocoa and cookies.

The carnival was in town and the family was planning on going on Friday afternoon. While the family was off work and out of school they went to the carnival and won stuffed animals and rode many rides. After the family went home they were all very tired and went to bed. On Saturday morning Earl went to the store and bought groceries for the family and bought treats for family game night. On Monday the kids went back to school and the parents went to work at the company. When the family got home they settled down for the night and talked about their day.

Earl and his Family lived happily ever after and his mother had called Earl and said that she found that earl's father wants still in antartica. To be continued?


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