Derek Cojulun Period 4

I really like simplicity, In this picture we can see rule of thirds and framing
This is a picture of a shoe, some of the elements are, framing, leading lines, point of view and simplicity.
We can see the E for Evergreen, and this picture has framing.
Its a picture a shoe from and interesting point of view.
Picture of candy with some light effects and a shallow depth of field.

I like to take pictures because that is a way in which I can express my feelings, and my point of view of certain stuff. Another reason is because that way I can keep memories with me, photos are a way to remember those moments we never want to forget. The beauty of taking pictures itself it's what inspires me, anyone can take pictures, but not everyone can take good pictures. My pictures are simple, I think that's what it makes it unique, I believe that sometimes simple things are what make a difference, so I would rather have a simple picture that gets the message to the viewer rather then a lot of things in my picture, but confuses the viewer. My pictures mean different stuff, it depends on what kind of picture I'm taking, but all of them are important to me.

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