Financial Habits


I want to study how I usually spend my money and what things I can change to make my fiances better.


I believe that controlling my finances will make me happier and also more confident in myself.


For each week I will keep up with charts of what I spent my money on. I will compare week one with week six and see if I spent less or more. My goal is to spend less by the end of week six.

As you can see, the first week I was spending a lot of clothes which is not really a necessity. After I saw that I wanted to change this. Throughout these six weeks, I have really tried to control my spending on clothes.
At the end of week six, I have really done a good job of not spending as much money on non-necessities. I still a good amount of money of food but some things can never change :) It was really hard at times not to spend money. I did not spend any money on Tuesday and Friday. How I did this was that I just ate at the dining hall and did not put myself in situations that I would be tempted to spend money. It was hard but totally worth it!


I really enjoyed this self designed experiment! It really has helped me see that I need to save my money on things I actually need instead of clothes. I am now much happier with my financial habits and would recommend this to anyone struggling in this area. Everyone needs balance in there life. Balance is not the same thing as being deprived. Balance is knowing the difference between necessities and non-important things. Also, balancing is knowing the difference but rewarding yourself at times. This is important because you do not need to be totally deprived all the time! Life is supposed to be fun so why not reward yourself sometimes!!!


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