B.A.A builders association of ARCHITECTURE. we can build it

We are currently working on a 50's diner to serve all zombies and humans. Our client is vegetarian zombie Elvis. This diner will integrate zombies and humans alike.

We have just received the commission to build the largest pyramid we can build.

we can build it!

Henry---------I am the editor.I graduated from Cornell and Lafayette. I have several prizes including The Medal of the Architect. I graduated West Point in body guarding. I am a multimillionaire.

Evelyn---------I am the Designer for our group. I graduated from Yale. I went there for four years. I have 10 awards for my designs.

Matias------I am the second general manager. I graduated from Harvard University. I have won several medals in my architect life. Some of those medals are the Noble Peace Prize, the Medal of Architect, and the Medal of The Art Of Architecture.

Aidan-----------General Manager, I went to Harvard University for four years and got a P.H.D in architecture. I have won 15 medals for various buildings.

B.A.A Architecture Firm Blog the B.A.A Architecture Firm strove to win a bid to design a structure from Mr. Guilfoyle, Associate Superintendent of Technology and Communications. To do this, we took ideas from Frank Lloyds Wright’s work. The idea’s we took from him are his love of nature to enhance the land around our building. Since the basic theory of architecture is ‘function over form’, we listed the function of our building as a 50’s diner. Given this function, we then decided on the following form. At this point each person in the firm started working on their own area of this project. The General Contractor is Evelyn and the General Contractor works closely with the chief Architect who is Aidan, to build the walls, roofs, and place the windows. The Landscape Architect who is Henry, designs the outside of the building and to make it pleasing yet efficient environment. The Interior Architect who is Matias, makes a design for the inside of the building to help people move through each area and provide a comfortable environment.


Created with images by Carson Vara - "untitled image" • Spencer Davis - "untitled image" • 8moments - "pyramid egypt pharaonic" • Unknown - "Secretary Office Job · Free photo on Pixabay"