Desert biome By Jordan and Ella

Cacti- a plant with a thick, fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly colored flowers. Cactuses store water from their roots.

Wild flowers- a flower growing freely without human intervention. Wildflower a survive by growing extremely long roots, allowing them to acquire moisture at or near the water table.

Mexican Poppies-An extremely hardy pioneer plant, it is tolerant of drought and poor soil. Uses roots and leafs to take in water.

The Ocotillo-After rain falls, the Ocotillo quickly grows a new suit of leaves to photosynthesize food. Flowers bloom within a few weeks, and when seeds become ripe and fall, the Ocotillo loses its leaves again and re-enters dormancy.

We know there's irrigation systems out there. But there all in places where in rains a lot . The desert only gets about 10 inches a year. We know that some of the plants collect their own water but let's say it didn't rain for one year the plants would die. So this system would take in the water when it rained and water out every 3 months. Since the plants take in water from the roots then the irrigation would dispense under the dirt.

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