Questioning Police Officers By: Aneela

The leader or leaders I am focusing on are Police officers.

What they do:

Police officers help people in need. They give out speeding tickets to keep others safe on the road, they arrest people who killed others or committed any other crime and makes sure they serve time in prison for what they did.

person getting arrested

Where they are located:

Police officers can be found anywhere. At accidents, houses, the police stations, schools, etc. He/she can lead anywhere. It depends on what kind of officer they are. They could be just chilling in a car on the side of the road looking out for someone to give a ticket to, making sure nothing gets stolen in a mall, investigating a case, anywhere.

girl getting a ticket
security in a mall

When the officers became leaders:

My leader came into the position of being a leader when they started their first day on the job. It does not necessarily have to be the first day they solve a crime, arrest someone, or give a speeding ticket, although for some it could be.

Why police officers lead and what i am concerned about:

Police officers lead but they probably don’t know that they lead. They might feel like they are just doing their job and what they love. What I am concerned about is them making a mistake, because now a days, if one officer makes a mistake, people group into all the officers. For example, how a white police officer shot a black person when they didn’t do anything wrong, everyone started thinking that all police officers are racists and that would not be something you would want to be a leader for.

How I would get access to talk to an officer:

I have always been interested in becoming a police officer or being in the military and that helps a lot more since my aunt works with police officers, but she is not one of them. She is friends with many so she can ask one of them if they can talk to me. Also she is close friends with one of the police officers that are assigned to JASS so I can ask him whenever we both have time.

Questions I will ask the officers are:

1. Do you think you are a leader? Why?

2. How do you make sure you stay that way?

3. When did you start feeling like a leader?

4. Do you assure other police officers remain leaders? How?

5. How would a new police officer or someone who wants to be a police officer become a leader?

6. What do you think makes up an effective leader? Would you say those things about yourself?

Why I picked these questions:

I picked these questions because it could make them question themselves on if they are a good leader or not. They could potentially start realizing things that they are doing wrong and move to fix them. Most great leaders help other people become great leaders too so with some of the questions, it could show if they help others become leaders or not.

The answers I think i am going to get from the officers are: (in order of which the question order was in)

  1. they might say that they are a leader because they help people in need.
  2. To stay a leader they might say they should be able to control their temper because when you are a police officer, you will deal with all kinds of people so you have to prepare for the worst.
  3. They might have started feeling like a leader the first time they helped someone as a police officer or made an arrest for the best
  4. (he might lie making himself sound good) He might say that sometimes if someone is doing a case he would go and help them out and show the what he would do to let them learn. He might also do check-ins with the other officers
  5. Might say that they are already leaders since they want to take on a big role and risking their lives for other people, but that they would feel like leaders the first time they help someone as an officer. They could become leaders by teaching someone something (eg. giving lessons to kids, helping the criminals become better people (in some situations))
  6. An effective leader might be someone who listens attentively to be able to help, they know what they are doing, they set goals for themselves to improve, they are willing to take on new opportunities to further expand their knowledge and help more people, they want to transform others into leaders.

What I will do with the answers i receive:

I could use those answers to make myself a leader or better leader but that is depending on if the police officer or police officers give good answers to my questions. I could also try to make other people leaders. I want to be in the military or an officer so i could definitely use that for myself and I have many other friends who also want to be officers so can help them out too.

What i will do if the officer does not want to meet with me:

There are always other police officers I can talk to. Many are friends with my aunt so she can make something work out. If none of them want to meet me I can mostly likely ask my aunt since she is close to them so she might know a few things. I could also ask someone who has a similar job like security somewhere, or maybe firefighters.

firefighters are similar to police officers job since they both involve keeping people safe

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