My Favorite Saint Saint AnaStasia

Saint Anastasia was born in 281 A.D. in Rome to a very wealthy family. She died on December 25, 304 AD.

Saint Anastasia is the patron saint of people suffering from poison, martyrs, and weavers.

Saint Anastasia's feast day is December 25th. Anastasia is a martyr who suffered for Christ during the time of Diocletian's Christian persecutions.

Saint Anastasia has been venerated as an exorcist and a healer. Her father was a pagan, but her mother was secretly a Christian. Anastasia helped people heal by working in prisons. She used potions to heal people that were sick or had wounds in prison. She was caught twice for being a Christian and was killed the second time.

God Almighty, grant us the power and strength to act like Saint Anastasia. Bless us through her bravery that we will one day serve a courageous deed like Saint Anastasia. Amen.


I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.


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