My Learning Journal Chris Cerniglia

Final Assignment

I learned a lot. It has been a long time since I have taken a class. It felt great being a student again and learning something new. I have done online videos, but the ability to see others work and provide feedback was great. I also loved getting feedback from others. This course taught me that I need to focus on the end user and how they think, and not what I think is the right way. This approach can be used in all designs. The most difficult part for me was coming up with a problem to solve.

Assignment 5: Prototype

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This was a great assignment. XD is easy to use and loved working with it. It was great doing the prototype and see what the user would see. This provided at great starting point in the programing of the app. I wish XD would allow for simulated fill in fields and overlays, so that it would save time than having create additional screens to show the keyboard. Testing was great to work out and UI issues. I did find it a little difficult to keep the design clean and meeting the demands of the user. The prototype feature is great for people who cannot visualize and have to see something to understand it. I have grown a better understanding and appreciation for the apps that I use.

I downloaded the iPad app to test as well and It was nice to be able to test on the intend environment. I found the process fast and it was easy to fix any issues. This is a fast and fun way to test. This class has been so useful. This is a great way start building the foundation of an app.

Assignment 4: Create Moodboard, Style Tile and layout

This assignment was great, I had a lot of fun with it. This was my first time doing a mood board. Searching for the images, aided in coming up with the colors scheme of the app. My adjectives are Simple, Clean, Fast, and Relaxing. I did image searches based of those words. I looked through hundreds of images until I found ones that had the mood that I was going for. The mood board helped me get inspired for the look and feel of the app. I played with the colors for a while to find that perfect balance. The image search also aided in the developing of the name of the app (Teacher Oasis). The goal is to create an app for teachers that makes them feel like they can be free from their desk and be out with students. I also wanted it to be simple, clean, fast, and relaxing so there is no added stress or frustration to the teacher. No longer do they have to spend time at the end of each day to email parents.

Assignment 3: Creating the prototype

​I found this easy to do and it surprised me how it really made me think of the usability of my app. Seeing that my users could understand and navigate a paper copy, gave me the reassurance that I am heading in the right direction of developing easy and intuitive app. It was great interacting with my users and having them provide me with feedback.

After using the paper mockups, I started using Adobe Comp. I found it easy to use and liked it. It gave me a good foundation to move over to XD. XD was so easy and fast for me to recreate the wireframes from the hand drawn version.

When I first started with this assignment, I had thought to myself this would be easier and faster to just do on the computer. But after doing the assignment, I see how valuable this step is. It makes you slowdown and makes you think of every component of the interface.

Assignment 2:

I loved watching my users organize the cards. I found it easy to get my users to understand what I was going for. Considering that all my users are teachers, but teach different grade levels and have different years of experience. I was surprised how similar they put the cards in order, just some minor differences. They each had a different approach with their thought process. It was interesting to see how they arranged the different selection categories based off what is important to them.

Based on this outcome I think having an option under settings for the app the would allow the user to organize the categories in their preferred order would enhance the user experience.

Assignment 1:

For Class 1, Identify a problem that you would like to solve as part of this UX course. Over the course of this week, find a time to conduct some observations or chat through some questions with people who would be users of this.

Problem: Teachers don't have enough time

Being married to a teacher I have a great resource. After speaking with her and her coworkers they have informed me that there are some really good teacher apps, but nothing that’s an all in one app. The would really like an app that also manages the class room and not just track the behavior or seating. They would love an app that is easy to use and that is just a couple of clicks they can send a notification to a parent about missing school supplies or homework assignments. They say that they spend so much time emailing parents about the missing items or the status of non completed assignments, that it doesn’t leave much time to plan and grade.

solution: There needs to be an app that allows the teacher with just a few clicks she can inform a parent there child needs this item for class. It would as simple as just clicking click an avatar of the child and selecting the tab that says Supplies this would bring up the class supple list and all she would have to do is Check off the column that says missing and hit send, which would automatically email the child's parents informing them of what supplies their child is missing. If this is a new item or if the whole class is missing it, the teacher just clicks on her avatar and she add new item or inform all to the list which will notify all the parents the there is a new/miss required school supplies.

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