Mini-Rube Machine Specifications

Our DeSTEMber Challenge is a variation of the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest that is held each year. Our goal is to get our kids excited about making and to gain the benefits from problem solving and working in teams.

Teams are encouraged to utilize simple resources with minimal investment. Projects can be constructed at home or they may be constructed at school during designated times and approved locations.

Do your research. Rube Goldberg based his work on humor and typically told a story of some kind. This is part of the challenge, get creative and remember we are in the holiday season!

Your machine must complete the official task (Turn on a Light) without influence or interference from any team member - Required

Turn on a Light!

Number of Steps - Your machine must complete a minimum of 7 steps (transitions) there is no maximum step limitation. Can you create at least 10 seconds...20 seconds of continuous action? Challenge yourselves!

**The footprint of your machine must be no larger than 4 feet by 4 feet.

Very Important! Machine Introduction and Walkthrough - video explaining your machine, steps and the theme or story you are telling as you successfully complete the task of turning on a light. - Required

Machine Introduction and Explanation Example: The End Product

This is the project you will turn in for judging. It should be no longer than 3 minutes long. This is an opportunity for you to add any extra information or challenges your team overcame, and is an opportunity to add creativity. It is not required to add in bloopers, but they are fun to see!

Submissions must be submitted by the deadline, Friday, December 15th, 11 pm into our Google Classroom: Code: mceskbu, include both a video file and a youtube link of your video.

All machine displays and themes must be school appropriate.

Keep everybody safe!

Top projects will be shown at our DeSTEMber assembly.

Be sure to review the links below for all the details.

Good Luck!


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