The Tradition of Fighting in Hockey Robert Piccerillo

Fight has been an aspect of the game for as long as anyone can remember. Ever since the days of playing on frozen lakes and ponds, players have been settling disputes on the ice with this alternative form of competition.

Fighting in the game of hockey, once a battle to settle tensions between two players has formed into a way of players showing intensity in hopes of influencing teammates to play with the same intensity.

Fighting is not only a energy boost for the players, it bring great excitement to the fans when two players are in an intense match of speed and power.

"It would ruin the game if they got rid of fighting" - John Healy

John Healy has been a season ticket holder of the Boston Bruins for 42 year. He says some of his favorite fights to watch as a fan was during the days of Bobby Ore because back in those times there were no rules.

Fighting in hockey is such an iconic part of the sport. There even is characters in hockey movies that are designated "goons" that love to fight and entertain.

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