Media Replacement Guidelines for Adobe Stock Artists

Welcome to Media Replacement, now available in After Effects & Premiere Pro 2021! Our goal is to guide you through building these new, powerful MoGRTs for Adobe Stock. Please upgrade to AE 18.1 and Pr 15.1 to access all features listed below. Before getting started, please take a some time to refresh yourself on current MoGRT guidelines:

Technical RequirementsSubmission Guidelines | Category Requirements | Expressions Guide Metadata Guidelines

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In addition to the aforementioned MoGRT guidelines, Media Replacement MoGRTs also need to adhere to the following:

  1. Do not use audio.
  2. Use Preferred Control names.
  3. Use GPU accelerated effects in lieu of CPU effects for more performative playback.
  4. Flip out Media Replacement inputs with Placeholders before export.
  5. Test MoGRT in Premiere Pro for near real-time playback and good user experience.

Building the MoGRT

Choosing your Media Replacement Layer:

  • Image/Video layers & pre-comp layers can be used as Media Replacement.
  • Illustrator files (.ai) cannot be used in conjunction with "Continuously Rasterize" as a Media Replacement input at this time.
  • The Media Replacement's size and video duration are the size available within Premiere. (ie: a 100 x 100 precomp used as Media Replacement will only be a maximum size of 100 x 100 in Premiere Pro. A 7 second video will create a 7 second embedded sequence in Premiere.)
  • Do not use effects directly on a Media Replacement layer. The effects will not work in Premiere Pro. Pre-comp the footage, apply effects onto the Pre-comped layer, and use the footage layer as the Media Replacement Input.
  • If you need to reuse your image/video in multiple timecodes of your design, and/ or want to set up the bounds of the image for the end user, pre-comp the footage. Use the footage as the Media Replacement input.
  • Time effects do not carry over to Premiere Pro.
  • Media Replacement does not work with effects that require Dynamic Link.

Creating Media Replacement Inputs in the EGP:

Default Scaling options
  • To add the Media Replacement to the Essential Graphics Panel (EGP), right click on the image/ video layer or Pre-comp layer and select Add to Essential Graphics. The control name can be renamed in the EGP, by default it will be the layer name.
  • Do not add a Media Replacement Input to a Sub-group; the Media Replacement input is a group itself.
  • Choose the default scaling for the Media Replacement input.
  • Save a version of your project before changing out to placeholders and universalizing.
  • In the EGP, right click on a Media Replacement input and select Replace Layer with Placeholder. A Save as Dialog will pop up, select the location to place the png, click Save.
The AE Essential Graphics Panel with Media Replacement Image Controls before using placeholders.
The AE Essential Graphics Panel with Media Replacement Image Controls after using placeholders.

On Export, the placeholders will flip out the images in the Poster Frame. This is normal.



  1. Run Expressions Universalizer.
  2. Export motion graphics template.

Checking MoGRT in Premiere Pro

  1. Change Playback resolution to 1/4.
  2. Load MoGRT to timeline, play 3 times. If by the third time, playback is still choppy, head back to After Effects to optimize.
  3. Import different media (with drastically different colors) to check if effects and masks work as intended.
  4. Head back to After Effects to fix any errors and optimize. Optimization may include pre-rendering footage as mp4s, removing complex expressions/converting expressions to keyframes, swapping CPU effects for GPU effects, and removing unnecessary controls.


Please review Submission Guidelines.


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last updated: 4/14/21