Nike The GODDESS of victory

Nike is the Greek goddess of victory in war. She is the child of Styx and Okeanos (Oceanus). She was was called along with her siblings to assist Zeus in the Titan War. Zeus was pleased with Nike and her siblings' eagerness to fight so he allowed them to live on Olympus with the other gods forever.

  • Nike is an eager goddess, as shown when asked to fight for Olympus,
  • She is also reliable enough to be Zeus's charioteer after the Titan War.
  • Nike proved she was loyal when only she remained at Zeus's side when the giant Typon attacked Mount Olympus, even when all the other gods fled.

The Myth of Nike tells that victory in battle brought glory, "Nike had the role of the divine charioteer, flying above battlefields and giving glory to the victors" ( The Greek people valued Glory, especially from battle.

Some believe Nike is an aspect of Athena, and not an actual god.


Created with images by Linton Snapper - "Nike 'Victory' War Memorial Lewes Sussex" • Ron Cogswell - "The Goddess Athena -- The Parthenon Centennial Park Nashville (TN) 2014"

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