What is a stock?What are its applications?A stock is a flavorful liquid made by gently simmering bones and/or vegetables.The stock extracts the flavor ,aroma ,color,body,and nutrients of the ingrdients.

Types of stocks

1.White stock:clear liquid made by simmering poultry,beef,or fish bones.

2.Brown stock:simmering poultry,beef,veal,or game bones that have browned first.

3.Fumet:highly flavored stock made with fish bones.

4.court bouillon:aromatic vegetable broth used for poaching fish or vegetables

5.Glace:reduced stock with a jelly-like consistency,made from brown stock,chicken stock,or fish stock

6.Remouillage:A stock that is made of bones that were once used to make a previous stock.

7.Bouillon:A broth or soup prepared by broth.

8.Jus:A gravy like juice from meat for meat.

9.Vegetable stock:A stock made up of vegtables.

Stocks are important.They are important for taste and cooking.We use them with soups and other things.Stocks are a big part of our daily lives and keep food culture alive.

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