Everyone Thinking Creatively Lab Tanya and stéphane's proposal

We would like to propose that we keep the media lab open for students during lunch recess to provide creative time and space for our students (and teachers or admin, or really, anyone) to build prototypes, explore questions, fail and retry, bounce ideas off one another and build something together. These opportunities can begin in the context of the classroom and the curriculum but are rarely given time and space for follow through.

Time -Lunch time 12:00 to 13:00 everyday

Space - the Media Lab

Dedicated to design thinking and purposeful playfulness .

Inspirational Challenge Cards to make sure everyone stays engaged.

What would students be doing in the lab at lunch:

making things

finishing a line of inquiry started in class

following their own inquiry-passion

Learning and developing skills (problem solving, collaboration, etc.) with the Challenge cards

Taking action

running seminars or "how to workshops"

making tutorials and podcasts

designing and creating games

making Green Screen movies

recording radio podcasts

building 3D challenges with sketch up and Minecraft

editing images with things like canva and pixlr

coding the sphero robots

An innovative and caring World

(How can tech help solve problems - UN Global issues)

What we need from the leadership team:

Time - no duties for Tanya and Stéphane at lunch (we can do other duties at first recess)

Support - advertisement and administrative ‘buy in’ via the bulletin

Signage - vinyl stickers with the name and perhaps the words ”come in and make something” for the door, the floor and the cement wall leading to the library

Idea Paint - please … on the wall next to the big TV

Idea Paint here

A warm thank you from the LS ETC's

Have a look at The ETC lab in 360°

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