Virginia Founded 1607 Drew Craig

I think that John Smith (1579-1631) was the most important person of the Virginia Colony. One reason was that he is responsible for stabilizing and creating Jamestown, he made the first colony (Jamestown), and he kept his people alive from starvation by trading with the Natives.

There was only one religion, that was Anglican. This was the Church of England. This was also included to the upkeep in taxes by the English. This was all mandated for all white Virginians.

Throughout the entire south, everybody had the same job. Children had to help with work. Women often had to do house work and rarely helped outside. the men farmed the farm/plantation. Children swept, washing dishes, and feeding chickens.

Men in this colony worked on the farm or the plantation.

Women worked around the house and took care of young children.

Children helped on what they were asked to help with. That means helping on the farm or in the house.

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