Absolutely True Diary of a part-time indian DAmien

Chapter 5 question 2: he tells junior to leave the ridge while he can do what nobody else could do.
Chapter 6 question 2: he decides to go to reardian and leave the reservation school
Chapter 8 question 4: he bunches him in face.Roger doesn't punch him back and acted scared.he thinks Roger is plotting revenge .
Chapter 11 question 1: because she's far from poor.
Chapter 15 question 2: they're kinda in a relationship but not they both change mind about each other races.
Chapter 17 question 1: because he has a girl that is rich but when he was at the Rez no girl had money .
Chapter 21 question 4: it means it shows how caring and loving juniors father is to him that he was sober enough to buy him a gift.
Chapter 22 question 3: that she was tolerance.
Chapter 25 question 4: because he knows Rowdy dad is gonna beat him.
Chapter 27 question 2:the water was to cold swimming their usemto be fun


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