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  2. The World of UDO
  3. What we're looking forward to...
  4. Dance News
  5. UDO Feature .. The Heels Revolution
  6. Meet the faculty .. An interview with Lizzie Gough
  7. Learn the Combo .. with Rob Rich
  8. Dance Crew of the Month.. an interview with Autism with Attitude
  9. Meet the Charity!
  10. UDOIT! Charity Feature .. How Street Dance Changes Lives
  11. Events & Partnerships

The World of UDO

Wow, what an incredible past couple of months it has been here in the world of UDO. May saw over 5,000 incredible UDO members and dancers from across 24 countries head to Kalkar, Germany for the biggest UDO European Street Dance Championships to date!

The highlights of this event included Judge Valentino’s show-stopping locking demo, intense 1V1 battles and the unreal team finals.

What’s next? You know it..


The countdown is officially ON for the UDO World Championships! We are incredibly excited to be heading back to Glasgow this August 23rd-26th for the 13th year running of the World Championships.

The judges have started to be announced on our social pages and we'll also be revealing exciting workshop news very soon.

Here's a snippet of the action that went down last year..

If you’ve qualified, be sure you don't miss out on your chance to perform in front of a world audience and against the hottest crews and dancers for the World Street Dance Champion title.

Did we mention there's £35,000 worth of prizes up for grabs?

Not competing? We will be hosting a range of workshops throughout the weekend, which you can get stuck into! Perfect your technique in hip hop, choreo, breaking, locking and plenty more styles with some of the most elite choreographers (including none other than the founding father of hip hop dance, Buddha Stretch)

Who will challenge Team Kagoshima for the O18 Advanced World Champion title?

Here's their winning performance last year!

We're heading to..


For the UDO Asia-Pacific Street Dance Championships

November 3 - 4 | Chongzou City, China

The UDO Asia Pacific Championships are coming up sooner than you’d think! There’s no rest for the wicked once UDO Worlds is finished this August, as the Asia-Pacific Championships are just around the corner.

Inviting dancers of all ages, abilities, and street dance styles, the UDO Asia-Pacific Championships will crown their winners this November. Dancers will also have the chance to qualify for the ultimate street and hip hop dance competition: UDO Worlds 2019.

This November, the UDO Asia Pacific Championships will be held in Chongzuo, China, and will offer dancers from across Asia and Australasia the chance to show the world what they’ve got! Workshops with dance industry professionals will take place, so this is an experience you do not want to miss. Last year’s World Champions hailed from Japan, so will Asia-Pacific remain the region of reigning champions? We can’t wait to find out…

North America

For the UDO North American Hip Hop Dance Championships

December 1 - 2 | Orlando, Florida

America we’re coming!

This year sees us launch our inaugural event in North America. The stunning Orange County Convention Center, Orlando is our venue for the weekend and we have secured fantastic deals at the 5* Hyatt Regency (within a few minute’s walk of the venue) for our attendees.

Not only will dancers be representing their city at this National event but they will also be hoping to represent their Country at the UDO World Championships 2019 in Europe!

Categories will be split by age and ability to ensure we continue the UDO ethos of offering a fair platform for all dancers.

And did we mention .. you can train with IMMABEAST CO (hold up.. for real?)

Yes! IMMABEAST (featuring celebrity choreographer and dancer WillDaBeast Adams) will be holding their Build a Beast Florida convention at the UDO North American Hip Hop Dance Championships. In your down time head to the lobby to train with some of the world's leading choreographers. Safe to say, it'll be a BEAST of a weekend.

UDO Academy

Taught across over 15 countries worldwide

In the Academy..

With the Academy’s dance syllabus already being taught across over 15 countries worldwide, its popularity is only continuing to grow as more and more members sign up! Throughout June, students danced their way to success in their street dance exams across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, and we wish all students still preparing for exams the very best of luck.

Exams are run by top dance industry professionals, and June saw UK’s Calvin Francis head over to Thailand, and he was more than impressed by the standard! Now, UDO Academy students across the world – from Thailand to Dubai to the UK – are gearing up to compete at the UDO World Championships in August.

Looking forward, UDO Academy are launching their brand new digital street dance programme Street Dance Superstars for 3 – 11 year olds very soon, so keep an eye out for more information.

Want the opportunity to develop your street dance classes through syllabus training and exams?

What we're looking forward to..

With Championships being held all across Europe, Asia Pacific and the UK, we have well and truly kick started our mid-summer competitions here at UDO. Last weekend we were in the UK for the South-East Championships, and we’ll be seeing loads of you guys at the West Midlands Championship on the 22nd of July. On the 5th August we’re in Cardiff, our home city, for the final stop on our road to Worlds!

Yes it’s a cliché, but the build up to Worlds is like Christmas for us here at UDO. It’s hectic, it can be stressful at times, but it’s our favourite and most prestigous event of the year.

As the hype builds with each week passing by, our thoughts turn to the world class dancers who will be competing for top spots at our international hip hop and street dance competition. Who will take home the long-awaited World Champion trophies? What countries will be winners? What will the judges demos be like? What will you guys enjoy the most? The weekend itself will answer all these questions and more, leaving us with little else to think about. Here’s five things that we are most excited about in the coming weeks…

1. Regional Qualifiers

Whether we’re seeing you up in Perth, down in Devon, or anywhere in between, we love Regionals. The Regional Championships give crews, duos, solos and groups from all over the country the chance to compete against one another, showing exactly how hard they’ve worked in the weeks leading up to competition. No matter where we are in the UK and in the World, we are always impressed by not only the standard, but by the drive and dedication every crew brings. And of course, qualifying at Regionals give groups the chance to take their dances to the next level by getting through to Worlds. #GetQualified

2. Worlds Countdown Begins

All ages and abilities bring it to our qualifying events every year, and the dancers coming to Glasgow will be in with a chance of grabbing the World class title! As the weeks go by, not only do we enjoy posting sneak previews of merchandise and judges for the event, but we also can’t wait to start promoting the world exclusive workshops we have planned. Keep your eyes on our social media and website whether you plan to compete or spectate, because big announcements are coming

3. Judges and Workshops Revealed

Speaking of announcements, as the August bank holiday rolls closer, each week we’ll be revealing who will be joining us at Worlds on the judging panel. The standard at competition is always so high, and we make sure that there’s a strong international presence on that all-important judging panel at our biggest event of the year. Their own hip hop and street dance demos at the competition are such an event highlight! To add to this, we will also be revealing our exciting workshops taking place - which you can come along and take with our esteemed faculty, regardless of whether you're a competitor or not!

4. Getting to Glasgow

Despite the pressure of running the world’s largest international street dance organisation, the thrill that comes from pulling off such an all-encompassing dance event is second to none. As more and more groups of all abilities qualify and sign up to compete, we can’t help but let ourselves get excited to meet each and every dancer. The diversity and inclusivity promoted by the dance studios who join us for the comp makes our Worlds event so unique, and the passion that every dancer brings to the floor takes the competition to another level.

5. Face of Worlds Competition

This year, we want to hear what you guys have to say about your journey to Worlds. We will be launching a ‘Face of Worlds’ contest leading up to the event, and we want to see your videos and vlogs showing how you’re preparing for the big day. Tag #UDOFaceofWorlds in any Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post, for the chance to win exclusive prizes! You can find out more by visiting our competition page!

UDO Loves - Dance News

Do you want to know the latest happenings and crazes throughout the dance world? Well look no further! We give you the lowdown of what's trending and taking the world by storm this month..

Have you heard of the plug walk track dance? A viral phenomenon which is taking over social platforms YouTube and music.ly based on Rich the Kid's Plug Walk track, has got everyone dancing!

We're obsessed!

This reminds us of the stanky leg craze! What are your thoughts - have you tried perfecting the move in your dance class?

#UDOloves YouTube playlist..

Check out our round up of the choreo tracks we are LOVING this month over on our YouTube channel! Anything we've missed? Drop us a message on social media.

Freestyle Friday with 'Amymarie Gaertner'

Our new favourite YouTuber Amymarie Gaertner dedicates her Friday's to showcasing her freestyle moves (and they are slick!). She also posts regular dance challenge and choreo videos so be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Check out her latest freestyle below:

Ballet versus Hip Hop

Former Australia's Got Talent contestants the Rybka twins put these two popular styles head to head. Which style is better? We're just a little biased ..

The 'Ins and Outs' of the dance industry..

Have you ever wanted a real insight into what it's like to work as a professional dancer? What are the pro's and con's? How tough really is the industry to succeed in? What is it like going on tour with a celebrity? Well look no further, as industry professional and esteemed faculty member Kane Silver gives you the down low with his new industry podcast! Each week he is joined by a new guest (including UDO's own Lizzie Gough) who takes you through their real life experience of the industry.

It's definitely worth a listen!

You can listen to the podcast here.

UDO Feature.. The Heels Revolution

Have you ever considered dancing in heels? This new revolution is taking the world by storm!

Up until recently, heels were strictly reserved for the ballroom dancefloor. With Commercial, Street and Hip Hop dancers donning their stilettos, they’re taking Instagram by storm. But why have heels become so popular?

Street dance has not stopped developing since the style found its feet back in the 70s and 80s. Growing popularity of all things dance, especially on social media and television, has given a platform for every kind of dancer – regardless of style, age, or background – to celebrate doing what they love on the international stage.

Cut to 2010; Beyoncé’s killer ‘Single Ladies’ video has scored over 650million views since it was first posted, showing that hip hop dancers can still bring it while wearing their highest of heels. A little later, in the UK the group ‘Boys in Heels’ strut onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage, bringing the most fabulous, most sassy routine the judges had seen to date, while smashing stereotypes along the way. They made it to the final, and doing so made their choreographer Yanis Marshall a breakout star; spots in his L.A.-based classes have become some of the hottest tickets in the city.

Since then, heels classes have sprung up across dance studios worldwide, and even appear on the syllabuses of many higher education dance schools. Heels routines may not be traditional in our dance world, but they certainly show that the adaptability and diversity of commercial, hip hop, and street is not slowing down any time soon. Heels classes blur the lines between styles, allowing dancers to experiment with jazz and commercial influences.

Videos may be racking up the views across Instagram, but will the heels revolution truly take over? We’ll have to keep our eyes on Instagram and YouTube to find out…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you’d ever consider heading to a heels class!

Meet the Faculty

An interview with Lizzie Gough

This issue we’re speaking to the lovely Lizzie Gough. Resident UDO Faculty member for over 10 years, we talk her current projects, career highlights and industry advice.

Hi Lizzie, how did you find your time judging at the European Championships?

I was super impressed and inspired by the standard in Europe, the European Championships are improving year in and out!

We couldn't agree more! Tell us what projects you're working on at the moment?

I am currently assisting choreography for my 3rd season of the TV Show “Dance Dance Dance” in Holland.

What has been your career highlight?

This is a hard one as my career keeps taking on new adventures! My top 3 are: So you think you can dance where I was a finalist , Take That Tours Circus and III then I guess being a Judge for the TV show Alesha’s Street Dance Stars.

Describe your normal working routine?

I am a bit of a perfectionist in my work and like to make sure I am in my fittest condition to prevent injuries and feel good both mentally and physically. A normal day would consist of going to rehearsals between 9am – 7pm then training later in the evening. This can be a dance class, running or yoga/pilates or I would have training in the morning if it is a show day in the evening.

What advice would you give to dancers looking to start a career in dance?

Keep training, never stop learning and be open to adapting to your strengths and weaknesses. We are all different and have different destinies so try not to compare yourself to anyone else, use them as inspiration and keep your personal goal as your priority.

What is your favourite song to dance to at the moment?

My music taste changes every hour but one that stands out the most right in this present moment is Monument from Robyn which I did my judges solo to at the UDO British Championships 2018.

It was an amazing demo! Thanks Lizzie!

Catch Lizzie judging at both our UK regional events this year and at the UDO World Championships this August 23rd - 26th.

Learn the Combo with Rob Rich

Damn! Top US choreographer Rob Rich released this exclusive combo for UDO North America. Check out the video's below to see how Rob perfected this fire combo.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

...and for the full combo:

Learnt the full routine? Show us by uploading your video with the #ROBRICHCOMBO

Did you know? As well as being the founder of global dance project the Rich Fam, Rob Rich credit’s boast Dancing with the Stars, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Step Up 3D! Woah!

You can catch Rob Rich judging and hosting his own workshops at the UDO World Championships this August and UDO North American Championships this December.

Dance Crew of the Month

An interview with Autism with Attitude

Photo credit: Big Image

This issue we’re interviewing Autism With Attitude, known as AwA, an incredible crew from Hillingdon in London, who are the first SEND group to compete and place in the finals at the UDO European Championships. We talk their achievements, ethos and mission to break the boundaries in sport.

Hi guys, congratulations for coming in the finals at the UDO European Championships. How does it feel?

The level of empowerment that the members of AwA have had due to their success cannot be understated. For them it is more than just a feeling of accomplishment but a big stepping stone in achieving their dreams of changing the way the world looks at disabilities.

How much preparation and hard work did this take you?

We spent over 10 months preparing for the European Championships. From the fundraising, to the training, to preparing the students for an international trip. Due to the team’s vulnerabilities and extra needs it meant we needed to be that much more organised with our safeguarding and child protection procedures to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. The team members themselves spent dozens upon dozens of hours perfecting their routines in the months leading up to Germany.

How does it feel to compete on an international stage?

The feeling of competing on an international stage was immense. More so for the opportunity for us to spread our message to an even larger part of the world. Being the first special needs team from any nation to have qualified and competed at the European’s, there was already a huge sense of history being made, adding to the buzz and energy of the team’s performances.

Describe a typical dance rehearsal at Hillingdon?

Typical AwA rehearsals would involve the following: focus, discipline, hard work, belief, commitment, and the expectation to push yourself past your limits and boundaries. With this recipe for development, the team has taken on a professional attitude toward their training and rehearsals. AwA members understand that in order for them to share the stage with the best, they need to train like the best. Rehearsals are fun of course, however the expectation of hard work is constant and embedded into the structure of all of their rehearsals.

What are your goals/dreams for the future?

Since AwA began, the mission statement is simple. We want to change the way the world looks at disability. People are always surprised and shocked to see us on stage doing the same things as everyone else. It shouldn’t be the case. The drive that the team members have is stronger than others simply due to the challenges they face fitting into mainstream society.
We aim to improve integration, accessibility and opportunities for those in the SEND community to be able to achieve their dreams without being told at every step that they are “unable” to do so due to their perceived disability. Through spreading awareness and understanding, we aim to show the world that just because there are areas of everyday life we may struggle with, it doesn’t mean we can’t do the same things as everyone else. We aim to inspire others to follow suit in our mission with the hope of one day developing an established SEND dance community.

Any shout outs?

Shout out to everyone that has supported us throughout the years and believed in us.

Thank you guys, you are truly inspirational and we can't wait to see your next performances and projects!

You can find out more about Autism with Attitude by following their Facebook Page.

Meet the Charity..

UDOIT! Dance Foundation

Instagram: @udoitdancefoundation

UDOIT! Dance Foundation provides opportunities for young people through the power of StreetDance.

What do we do?

Working with and supported by partners including; Sport Wales, Sport England, The Youth Sport Trust & Street games to inspire, engage & empower young people through participation, volunteering and leadership opportunities.

In the next issue we will tell you more about the wonderful work of UDOIT and how you can get involved.

UDOIT!.. StreetDance News:

Road to Worlds 2018 Fundraiser

Follow our charity champions Brett and Lee’s fundraising journey as they attempt to walk 1.1 million steps (from Plymouth to Glasgow for the World Championships!) in aid of UDOIT! Dance Foundation and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Throughout this year Brett and Lee have been doing the step challenges, raffles, bingo and many more activities to raise money for both UDOIT! Dance Foundation and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Want to find out more about how you can get involved and donate in the Road to Worlds? Head to the link below!

5 Ways Street Dance is Changing Lives for the Better

UDOIT! Dance Foundation brings young people together through streetdance classes.

At UDO and UDOIT! Dance Foundation, we believe that dance should be accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to take part.

Through dance, people of all ages and abilities can gain confidence, express themselves creatively, and connect with others. Freedom of movement, and freedom of expression, form the basis of every street dance class.

We all know this to be true, but how do the stats match up? At UDOIT! Dance Foundation, we decided to find out exactly how streetdance has been improving lives of young people across the U.K.

1. Increased Physical and Mental Wellbeing

According to a survey undertaken by the team at UDOIT! Dance Foundation, involvement in streetdance classes had unparalleled health benefits. Before starting streetdance, 35% of those surveyed didn’t take part in any sport or physical activity. Dance classes brought them together, showing members how important – and fun – getting active through street and hip hop dance could be.

What’s more, 40% of those surveyed increased participation in sporting activities since taking up streetdance; involvement boosted interest and confidence in sport, with 79% of participants surveyed saying that streetdance makes them happy, it’s clear that taking part in dance classes is great for the body and the mind.

2. Confidence & Self-Esteem

Of course, getting involved in street dance classes has positive effects on health, but it’s not just about maintaining a healthy body and mind.

According to our survey, 53% of participants say they took up streetdance to improve their confidence. Performing for others allows young people to celebrate each other’s achievements in a supportive, inclusive environment, and encourages personal expression and development. It’s no wonder that street dance has become such a popular dance style across the country!

3. Team Work

Without the all-important teamwork aspect, street dance classes would be solo after solo after solo…all in all, rather repetitive. Street and hip hop dance classes are based around working together to make a routine pop, which not only develops communication, but also improves mutual understanding, listening, and empathy. Dance classes also provide young people with the space to work collaboratively with peers, which boosts social interaction and builds long-lasting friendships!

4. Developing Creative Skills

Since 58% of survey participants say they took part in streetdance to learn new skills, it’s clear they were not disappointed. The creativity encouraged by street and hip hop dance provides an outlet for young people to express themselves, and promotes creative and critical abilities. Street and hip hop dancing allows a greater level of freedom than many other dance styles, and so classes progress young people’s abilities to think outside the box when it comes to creative situations.

5. Decision Making and Empowerment

At UDOIT! Dance Foundation, the ethos has always been to inspire, engage, and empower young people through accessible streetdance classes. By regularly attending street and hip hop dance classes, these young people gained vital decision making skills, through their cooperative working and independent development. Progression made in dance classes clearly demonstrate to young people how far they’ve come since they’ve started, so it’s no surprise that it gives such a sense of empowerment to those who take part.

Do you have a story of how street dance changed your life, or the life of someone you know?

Let us know and have the chance to be featured on our website or in our magazine.

Emailaskmarketing@theudogroup.com, or drop us a line on one of our social media pages: @udostreetdance @udoitdancefoundation

Coming up in 2018

Although we're all gearing up for Worlds 2018, the fun doesn't stop in August! We, and our partners, have events running all throughout the rest of year. Make sure you get to one near you...

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