Thank You

Your support of a UNMC Innovation Fund for your college is making a difference in the lives of current students. Thank you for your generosity.

2020 has been an unprecedented year. To maintain the health and safety of our students, our colleges chose to alter plans for their white coat professionalism ceremonies. Some took place with strict social distancing guidelines and limited attendance, while others have been postponed into the spring semester.

Just as our ceremonies have been impacted, so has the way we show our appreciation for your support. In prior years we asked students to hand-write a thank you note to show you their appreciation for your philanthropic support, but this year, we are bringing some of their smiling faces to you via brief video messages.

Please enjoy these videos as students say thank you to the alumni and friends who are our ardent supporters.

Donor Spotlight

We gratefully recognize the alumni and friends who have supported our students as they begin their academic career at UNMC marked by professionalism ceremonies.

The Graduate Studies Program & The College of Public Health

These professions do not hold white coat ceremonies, however, their Innovation Funds provide critical funding for initiatives that enhance the student experience.

For Graduate Studies, it helps with the program’s communication vehicles and engagement activities for students and alumni across the country.

For the College of Public Health, it provides competitive awards for student research poster sessions, supports the needs of the college, and supports engagement initiatives that impact all students and alumni in the college.

Please enjoy these videos as students say thank you to the alumni and friends who have paved the way and are now giving back to impact the next generation of health professions students.

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