DTC #50: Puppy Love





Scour your choices and pick your favorite pup to take on an adventure.

Scurry up the most Insta famous hike with your new best friend.

Bring your friend on a little flea market shopping spree.

Grab a bite on the patio of a dog friendly café.

According to the ASPCA approx. 1.6 million shelter dogs are adopted per year in the US. We took just one of them for a walk, head to Bark N' Bitches if you're interested in taking home a gem.
Stop 1

Pick Out A Puppy

• Noon 'til you'v found you new best friend •

The uncontrollable desire to hold a puppy shoots through your veins as you connect eyes with an adorable 6 week old black lab steps before walking in the door of Bark N’ Bitches. After you’re buzzed in it’s a free for all of finding, petting, and selfie-ing the perfect pup to join you on your days adventure. Amid the racks of toys, leashes and the latest dogo accessory are short dogs, fat dogs, big dogs, dainty dogs…all the dogs you could ever want at your disposal. After realizing the puppy in the window is off limits you make your way to the back of the shop where volunteers tend to their fluffy flock. Then you see her, the most adorable little thing in the shop and she’s just looking at you with those cute little eyes asking you for a home. You give in handing your diverse license over for a leash, a poop bag and one sweet little thing for the day. Out the back door you go where you stop, Bark N’ Bitches doesn’t really know.

Stop 2

Make this Puppy InstaFamous for the Day

• 1pm-ish til she's tired out •

Walking up Fuller Ave. to Runyon Canyon with your new eye candy you realize you fall into one of the better stereotypes that grace their presence at the hiking spot: a content rescue dog owner. Almost immediately after stepping from concrete to clay the gauntlet of dog and owner hustling over for a sniff and a “what’s up” begins. Eventually you break through and hit your hiking stride just in time to witness rock hard abs, the latest “kale and brunch” tee, and that guy you think was on a Marvel show. When you reach the first vista point and take a break looking at the vastness that is LA you look down to your adopted dog. For a moment you see her in a whole new light, free from the “rescue” status. Now that you've Runyoned you then happily descend to your parking spot , clean off some paws and set out for a little bit of shopping.

Stop 3


• Post hike, no later than 2:30pm •

Throngs of young deal seekers, social butterflies and old school flea bros adorn almost every inch of the Fairfax High School parking lot. Cameras are butted up against hordes of patches along side NBA jerseys and antique furniture. A lovely display of the wanted and unwanted of ol' at the Melrose Trading Post. Make your way with your furry shopper between hardcore grandmas and sneaker seekers to find something worthy of your apartment or closet. It’s a beautiful thing bouncing between stalls believing you’re going to uncover a rare gem no one could have possibly seen before in this city. After scoring a few patches and a Hawaiian shirt you realize it’s about time for you and your puppy to grab a bite to eat.

Stop 4


• No later than 4pm •

The regular weekend Fairfax Ave. traffic wizzes behind you as you scope the menu at The Fat Dog. It’s an extensive array of sandwiches, salads, and random bites so you opt for the tapas approach. Looking down you realize your four legged friend needs some action too, they can grill him a piece of chicken or you can run next door to the dog store for a treat. Other dog owners swoon over your child and ask detailed question you awkwardly are unable to answer. What breed is this dog? How old is she? It’s the prefect opportunity to boast your “helpful” deed of the day between stuffing your face with Swedish meatballs and a bite of the braised short rib French dip. Before you know it the delicious plates are gone and you’re time with your new best friend is all but over...unless you want to keep her for life ;)