South East Asia Chapter 18 Lesson 4

One of the empires of Southeast Asia is Vietnam. The Viets were one of the first people to settle in Southeast Asia. They rebelled against China's weak Tang Dynasty and one. They became their own independent empire. They made their own government called the Dai Viet.

A VIeatnamese Marketplace

Another empire in Southeast Asia was the Khmer Empire. They lived in the present say country of Cambodia. The Khmer kings based their rule of of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. The kings presented themselves as gods which strengthened their power. Later, the Thai came and took over the empire.

A Religious Temple made by the Khmer

The Thai were another Southeast Asian Empire. They began learning how to make porcelian from the Chinese. They devolved their own writing system and the Empire lasted 400 years.


Here are some deffinintions from the lesson.

Volcano: A mountain that can release lava.

Tsunami: A huge ocean wave that is produced from an underwater earthquake.

Maritime: Relating to the sea or seafaring.

Another kingdom in Southeast Asia was Burma. There capital city was Pagan and they existed for 200 years. Then, the Mongols came and the Burmese left the area.

The End


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