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Nancy Drew

More of Nancy Drew!

Who's Nancy Drew? Nancy is a fictional character set out to change view points of American's and solving crimes since the 1930's. She was depicted as feminine and was also created by a series of ghost authors, all under the name of Carolyn Keene. The series is still created; the latest book series came out in 2013 as Nancy Drew Diaries."if it's locked, it must be important". 1932-present

Lucille Ball

A Biography of Lucille!

Lucille Ball set the seen for a multitude soon-to-be female producers. She had created hit shows as the first female producer. Lucille Ball started from the bottom just to work herself up to the top. When she started, she was a model, then worked on stage under stage names, got small parts in roles, and continued up the ladder. She was in famous shows such as I Love Lucy and the Lucy series. "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." August 6, 1911-April 26, 1989

Helen Keller

The Biography of Keller!

Helen Keller is one of the most well-known women. While Keller was born with her sight and hearing in 1880, she developed an illness which took those senses away. Although she lost her eyesight, she never dare glance away from her goals. Keller was only 19-months-old when she was said to be deaf and blind. Growing up she then created ways to help others, until she stayed in her home until death in the year of 1968. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." June 27, 1880-June 1, 1968.

Cindy Wells on the Right

Cynthia Lynn Wells, however, is not as famous as Helen Keller. Cindy is a mother to three, a grandmother to +8 children, and so far is not a great grandmother. She suffers from depression and usually, at the age of 69, people wouldn't come out, but Ms. Wells comes out and participates in life events. She is a role model to her granddaughter, whom she shares a birthday with, because she, too, has mental illnesses. "When I was young, I had to walk to church and in Alaska, it was cold! In the end, i'm telling you to suck it up." July 24, 1947-present


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