Ullesthorpe CE Primary School Newsletter Friday 2nd July 2021

A message from Miss Prokipczuk

As we began this academic year, we were not expecting it to take the direction it did! But once again, our school family has demonstrated real strength and a deep sense of community. I am proud of our school and everything that it stands for.

I would like to end the term by saying a huge thank you to the children who have demonstrated resilience throughout the year. We are very proud of each and every one of them. A huge thank you also goes to the staff. They are exhausted as they have worked tirelessly to offer the very best of everything to your children. What a fantastic school staff we have!

I'd like to thank you too, as parents. You have supported the school in many ways and we are delighted to work with you. We hope you feel that you are partners with us in your child's education. I wish you all a wonderful summer break.

A message from Mrs Tithecott

Hello everyone and welcome to the final newsletter of the year. What a year it has been - but we’ve made it! The children have been incredibly resilient and have bounced back extremely well. They have made so much progress over this last term - socially emotionally and academically.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all of the adults at home for supporting the children (and school staff) so well. Trying to work from home, while the children are learning from home is no mean feat, and yet you have managed it.

Everyone has earned a well deserved summer break. I hope you all have a great summer holiday and a chance to recharge your batteries. Fingers crossed, the weather will be kind!

As ever at this time of year we say farewell to our Year 6 pupils as they leave Ullesthorpe CE Primary School and move on to the secondary phase of their education. We wish them all every success - we know that they will continue to shine wherever they go.

We have said a fond farewell to Miss Tansey, who has been working with the children in Oak Class. She has successfully secured a new teaching role within our Academy Trust! We are so pleased for her, and very grateful for all her work and support over the time she has been part of the team here at Ullesthorpe.

We will also be saying goodbye to Mrs Wale who has been helping with our intervention work with our KS1 children. Her work has been invaluable and it's been wonderful having her back in school!

We would like to say a big thank you also to Mr Watkins, he will be leaving us at the end of term.

Sports Day! Friday 2nd July

It was wonderful to have an 'almost normal' sports day, with bubbles of parents being able to watch and cheer our athletes on.

Although the children remained in their usual bubbles , they were allocated to new colour teams just for the event. The teams were: Aqua, Coral, Indigo and Lime. Every child took part in a sprint, the egg and spoon race, javelin throw and an obstacle course. There were some very close finishes that kept us all cheering loudly!

The overall scores were as follows:

Indigo 253, Coral 231, Aqua 219 and Lime 214

Congratulations Indigo Team!

Mini Bikers

Our KS1 children were lucky enough to take part in our mini bikers sessions this week. They have all thoroughly enjoyed learning more skills on the balance bikes and have grown in confidence! Well done to all the children in Willow and Maple Class!

To find out more about Mini Bikers click on the link below:

Willow Class developing their cycling skills!

Maple Class enjoying their cycling session!

Through the organisation Chance to Shine, Birch and Oak classes have been enabled to have cricket coaching sessions with Mr Jenkins.

Thank you!

They have learnt so many new skills and cricket-based games. Really great fun!

Forest School

We have been running Forest School every Monday during this Summer Term, the children from Birch class that have been attending have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Forest School provides inspiring and long term opportunities for everyone. It offers a wide range of ways that children can experience key learning beyond the classroom. It is a safe environment, that offers a powerful way to help children develop in confidence, build independence and encourage resilience and positivity. Learning is developed in a holistic, sensory way. Forest school allows children to take supported risks, while learning how to risk assess the environment around them. It pushes their boundaries and develops them as a person.

Forest School can provide children with opportunities that they would never experience otherwise. It gives them a fantastic springboard to form a greater understanding of the world that we live in and helps them to appreciate and care for the natural environment.

Our Activities

Over the last term, we have learnt so much about the natural environment and how to look after our world. We have created bug hotels to place around our school. They have been extremely creative, using a range of natural materials to make dens for our little friends in the forest.

As well as building large shelters for themselves using the roles and tarps. They had to make the shelters water proof and to test them we had fun throwing a bucket of water over them (they were so well built that no one got wet!!)

Some children have been very creative and made their own swings using the ropes and planks of wood.

Every child has had a go at fire lighting using a flint and steel. We then used their fires to start our large camp fire. We talked about fire safety and why it is important to kneel in the respect position. We have cooked a range of yummy food on our open fire: ‘smores’, pizza wraps, toasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

The children have used a range of tools in the forest area:

loppers and secateurs to cut down stingers and over grown plants;

hammers and nails to make a piece of artwork, which involved weaving wool around the nails;

potato peelers to whittle sticks and then moving onto sheath knives, making sure we are wearing a glove on our helping hand.

They have been playing a range of games that involved both pair and team work. They focus on turn taking, sharing, and supporting each, while building their own confidence and resilience.

The children have enjoyed climbing trees and travelling along the slack line; learning to task risks, building their confidence and risk assessing for themselves while they are climbing.

The children all say a very big THANK YOU to Miss Carvell and Mr Tailby for leading these wonderful sessions!

July Birthdays

Millie, Lottie M, Emily J, Harry H, Ollie B, Tatiana, Charlie H, Ethan, Jamie.

August Birthdays

Tyler, William, Albert, Jack C, Harvey, Ollie A, Alfie L, Oscar H, Harry G.

Willow Class

This week the children in Willow Class have had a fantastic time on the balance bikes. They have shown perseverance during their daily training sessions and it has been amazing to see how much their balancing skills have developed. By the end of the week the majority were zooming over the super cool ramp! They wrote letters of thanks to the coach, using their amazing phonic knowledge.

They wrote letters of thanks to the coach, using their amazing phonic knowledge.

In mathematics we have had a great week making repeating patterns. Also, learning the Numberblocks rhyme ‘Ten Again,’ to help us remember our number bonds to 10. If you’d like to listen the link is below.

from Mrs Hartley, Mrs Neale and Miss Harris

Maple Class

In Maple class, we have been practicing using scales for weighing objects.

The children have enjoyed using our outdoor area to explore capacity and volume too!

We have had a busy week with Mini Bikers and Maple class have been so excited to get on the bikes! Practice makes perfect and they have all been working so hard!

The children have also completed their Victorian pouches. Although ours is a bit more modern with glitter and sequins! They practiced their sewing to sew the sides and some children explored different types of stitching too.

Miss Jenkison, Mrs Heritage and Miss Stevens

Birch Class

Birch class have had a busy few weeks learning about natural disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis).

Did you know that there was a possible earthquake near us (near Leamington Spa) on the 19th of May? (It has not been confirmed as it has not been reported by an official seismological agency.)

In English we have been working on a simplified version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We have learnt about William Shakespeare and read a story version of the play as well as reading some scenes from the play.

Here are some of the forest descriptions we wrote as part of this unit:

As I was walking through the forest I saw some bright, yellow birds. The bright, golden birds flew down from the gigantic, messy nest in the tree. There was an egg in the best and the mother was getting some more sticks for the nest. Then finally I saw the sunlight shining on the smooth, wet grass and the birds loved the sunlight on their nest. I was looking in the nest when suddenly I saw the egg hatch. When I was walking I saw a fox hunting for its prey. The fox was as fierce as a hyena hunting for a Giselle. By Eva

I walked through the stunning, sun-kissed canopy of trees. The breathtaking, glorious bird sat on the multicoloured, blossoming canopy. By Charlie

I was walking through the forest where the fluffy, peaceful birds were chirping. The birds were as loud as leaves rustling against each other. Whilst I was walking, I felt the cold, misty air oppressing against my cheeks. I could smell the fresh rain on the hard, rough trees. The barky, damp path led to the running, clear water from the stream. Suddenly, a fox snarled! The fox scared off the deer so we didn’t get to see them. The pine cones whistled through the air like a bullet. By Isabella

I was walking in the forest, all I could see was a vast, empty wood. Rain dropped on soft, wet, green leaves. Streams started to flood. A small, little squirrel ran only to be flung off the long, slippery branch. He fell into a pile of long, thin, spiky thorns. All of a sudden a flash of lightning hit a tree causing the forest to set alight. You could smell the trees burning. By Thomas

Swimming - We are hoping to start swimming sessions in the autumn term, we are currently liaising with the leisure centre and more details will follow if we are able to get bookings secured.

Finally, we would like to say goodbye to Eva who is leaving us at the end of term. We will miss her but know that she will have a fantastic time at her new school!

Mrs McMurran, Miss Wormleighton and Mrs Sharpe

Oak Class

During these final few weeks of term Oak class has been busy continuing their work on the Ancient Greeks.

Design and Technology

The children have worked very hard with Miss Tansey to design and make their own versions of Ancient Greek Sandals. They have followed a detailed design process to produce some amazing footwear!

Great research work Oak Class!

Amazing detailed writing , drawings and diagrams.

Dress rehearsal

The children of Oak class have been writing, rehearsing and making a video as a review of our year.

Its release is imminent - so watch this space!

from Mrs Bostock, Mrs Tithecott, Ms Priest, Mr Watkins.


Dates for your diary

Thursday 8th July - 9:00am Year 6 Leavers Assembly - only two attendees per child (this will be virtual if the weather is bad)

Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th July - Year 6 Bikeabilty. Please ensure that bikes have been check that they are roadworthy before and helmets must be worn)

Wednesday 25th August - School re-opens to children

Thursday 26th August - New EYFS stay and play afternoon session (parents/carers have been emailed directly with dates)

Friday 27th August - New EYFS stay and play morning and afternoon sessions (parents/carers have been emailed directly with date)

Monday 13th September - Meet the Teacher (6pm)

School Dinners

We are pleased to share with you our new menus that will launch in the Autumn term, we have been advised that there will be a price increase with effect from Wednesday 25th August 2021, the beginning of the 2021/22 school year. The price per day will increase by 5p to £2.45 per day.

Please ensure that any dinners are booked by Friday 21st August for the first day back.

School Uniform

Our school uniform supplier has launched an online shop, they are based in Lutterworth so you are still able to go into store to try things on and order direct either in the shop or online. The PE hoodie that we have launched recently will be available to order from 12th July. Details of the online shop can be found here:

Kidslingo Spanish Class will be starting with us on Friday lunchtimes for both KS1 & KS2 from 11th September. Details for booking these sessions are on the leaflets below.

Leicestershire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge!

Allsorts Magazine Link July - September

Places still available!

Ullesthorpe Pre-School

Message from the School Office

ParentPay dinners - Please ensure that any dinners are booked by Friday 11:00am for the following week through ParentPay. Thank you

Arbor Parent Portal - If you have not already done so, please log on to your childs page via Arbor Parent Portal here:- https://ullesthorpe-cofe.uk.arbor.sc/ and click 'First Time Logging In?' link. Within this system, you can access your child's attendance, rewards, items requiring consents and book parents evenings meetings and update important information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and medical information.

Please would you inform the office if you have any changes to contact numbers, email address or home address.

If you need to contact school please email: officeadmin@uceps.uk

Thank you!


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