The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Ariana borton

Spacial Experience

The physical setting of the Constans Theater was very quit and calming. The creative decoration in the lobby of the theater provided an artsy feel to the building and prepared us mentally for the artistry of the show. Once I entered the auditorium, I was seated at the very front, in the second row back from the stage. This seat ensured that my entire attention remained undivided and focused on the stage throughout the duration of the play. Being so close to the stage minimized all distractions and made me feel as though I were watching actual events occur in front of me rather than watching a play being performed on a stage. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, the anticipation for the play to begin was heightened after a long wait in the lobby and auditorium. The small size of the auditorium created an intimate feel of the play and made it much more enjoyable. "Place" plays a large role in the good life. It is difficult, and even impossible, for us to build the good life for ourselves in a place in which we are unhappy.

Social Experience

I attended the performance with my roommate Irazu Guinan. To get ready for the performance we sat down together and planned out which day we could both attend the performance. We did this so that we would be able to enjoy the show together, and at the same time, enjoy each other's company. Attending this show with a friend undoubtedly made the experience even better. It allowed for me to not only share the experience with someone else in the moment, but also provided someone for me to discuss the play with afterwards. Shared experiences are crucial to building the good life. As Dr. Brown stated in her TedTalk, the building connections and relationships is essential to finding a fulfilling life. These connections are only built through spending time together and having these kind of shared experiences.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play was set in 1905, a much more conservative year compared to our societal views now. The theme for most of the play revolved around the issue of Sarah Bernhardt's arrival to Quebec and her intention to perform there. This was an issue because during this conservative time, the arts were majorly considered to be immoral. Therefore, the actors and actresses performing in plays were immoral as well. This ideal seams absurd to us now as the arts are merely a form of expression and do no harm to anyone. This applies closely to what we see with many of the ideas in present day society. Maybe in the future we will look back and wonder why our society ever held these ideals.

Emotional Experience

This play targeted the issues that have been too often ignored within the Catholic Church. The play definitely presented the uncomfortable topic that is a huge piece of reality, in which young boys are often subject to sexual abuse within the Church. The play gives us an opportunity for katharsis as it urges us to "come clean" and to stop ignoring the injustices not only in the Catholic Church as shown in the play, but to also stop ignoring injustices in the world today.

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