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This glideshow is going to be all about Senegal. The different features like location, movement, human-interaction, movement, and region. I will also include some fun facts. Senegal's climate is hot, but its rainy season is from May-November. Senegal's population is just below 16 million.

This is Gorgui Dieng who played college ball at the University of Louisville and won a National Championship in 2013. He now plays pro for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was born in one of many departments in Senegal at the Kébémer Department in 1990.

Location of Senegal.

Location-A particular place or position. (Absolute location/Relative location)

Relative location of Senegal

Senegal is located in Western Africa, and lies within the northern and western hemispheres.

A picture of where Senegal's capital is located

Senegal's capital is Dakar

Downtown Dakar

Exact location of Dakar

Dakar's exact location in longitude and latitude is 14.7645 N and 17.3660 W.

The IFAN mueseum located in Dakar

Picture of Africa

Senegal is located on the continent Africa.


One interesting landform in Senegal is Foothills which rise at the highest point of Senegal.

The Senegal river

One other landform in Senegal is the Senegal river, which is 1,112 mi.

Humid area in Senegal

The Climate in Senegal is tropical, hot, and humid.

Strong winds in Senegal killing trees

Senegal also has strong southeast winds.

The rainy season in Senegal is from May to November.

Senegal is bordered by The Gambia, Guinea, Guine-Bissau, Mali, and Mauritania and it shares a maritime borders with Cape Verde.

The bodies of water found in Senegal are The Gambia river, Falémé river, Senegal river, Lake Retba, Casamance river, Saloum river, Lac de Guiers, Bolong, Geba river, Somone Lagoon Reserve, Sine river, Soungrougrou river, and Niokolo Kobe. The bodies of water around Senegal are the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the Red Sea to the Northeast.

Place-A description of the physical and human characteristics.(House of slaves Mueseum)

One natural resource in Senegal is fish.

Another natural resource in Senegal is peanuts.

Also another natural resource is iron ore.

Another natural resource is Phosphate

And probably one of the most precious resource is gold.

One Cultural group is the Wolof which is the largest group in the country, representing about 43.3% of the country.

A second cultural group is Fula. The second most populous group, representing 23.8% of the country's population.

The third cultural group is Serer. They represent 14.7% of the country's population.

One religion in Senegal is Islam. About 92% of the Senegalese population is Muslim.

Another religion in Senegal is Christianity.

Also another religion in Senegal is Hinduism.

A holiday in Senegal is Easter MONDAY instead of Easter SUNDAY.

One tradition in Senegal is Kay Fecc. Which is held between late may and early June.

Another holiday in Senegal is Labour Day.

The type of government in Senegal is a Semi-presidential system. The president of Senegal is the head of state and the prime minister of Senegal is head of government. President is elected by absolute majority vote through a two-round system. The president is elected to a 5-year term.

Human environment interaction-The ways people change their environment and how the environment changes them.

One crop grown in Senegal is corn.

Also another crop grown in Senegal is rice.

Millet is also another crop grown in Senegal. It is similar to corn in looks.

This is Abdoulaye Konaté he is a painter in Africa which is a job in Senegal.

Another job in Senegal is a carpenter.

The most interesting job to me in Senegal is a Welder.

The African Elephant is an endangered species in Senegal. Due to poaching for their tusks, which are sold on the black market.

Chimpanzees are also an endangered species in Senegal. The reason why is because of habitat destruction, hunting, and disease.

Cheetahs are also endangered because of a combination of genetic frailties and the adverse effects of a dwindling habitat. The species has also been decimated by farmers seeking to protect their herds.

Climate change an environmental problem in Senegal or the whole world is predicted to manifest as a decrease in the amount of rainfall-however with increased intensity, increased temperatures, and sea-level rise along coastal erosion threaten infrastructure. One solution senegal and the rest of Africa is doing to stop climate change is building The Great Green Wall. A wall of trees, 4,300 miles long and 9 miles wide. The plan is for the trees to trap the sands of the Sahara and halt the advance of the desert.

Región-An area on the planet that is composed of places with a unifying characteristic.

There are 2 types of education systems in Senegal Secular and Islamic education.

Articles 21 and 22 of the constitution adopted in January 2001 guarantee access to education for all children.

Education is compulsory and free up to the age of 16.

The total population of Senegal is 15,899,974. The population density is 75.58. 75,951 is the area of Senegal. GDP is 1,046.59.

Life expectancy of males in Senegal is 62 and females is 65. The adult literacy rate in Senegal is 25.5 and the youth literacy rate is 51. Western Africa is where Senegal is located.

Movement-The translocation of human beings, their goods, and their ideas from one end of the planet to another.

One exportable item in Senegal is Cotton.

Petroleum products are also another exportable item in Senegal.

Manufacturing goods are a exportable item in Senegal as well.

The flag of Senegal is tricolour consisting of three vertical green, yellow and red bands charged with a five-pointed green star at the centre. It was adopted on August 20, 1960.

Senegal gained its independence from France after breaking away from the Mali Federation, which was formed by merging Senegal and the French Soudan in 1959.

More and more Africans are using text messages, e-mail, and social media to communicate.

The teachers are using laptops and projectors to interact with the kids.

The percentage of people who use the internet varies widely. Overall, a median of 44% access the internet

A blue public bus is a popular mode of transportation in Senegal.

Another popular mode of transportation in Senegal is a minibus.

This is a car rapide, it is also a popular mode of transportation in Senegal.

JUST IN: Tea plant on the manning in Senegal. About 60 kilometers of Senegal tea plant have been found scattered along the manning river from Gloucester to Wingham. This Senegal tea plant is a new and emerging weed. The plant is now a class one declared species in NSW and is on the alert list for environmental weeds that threaten biodiversity and cause other environmental damage.

(Senegal tea plant on the manning)Terry Inkson, midcoast council's strategic weeds biosecurity officer said "surveying and management of Senegal tea infestations is extremely difficult due to accessibility limitations as the plant often invades nooks and crannies in the shallows of riparian and wetland areas." The team at MidCoast Council has secured funding to assist in the management of known Senegal Tea infestations until 2018 and are continually on the lookout for new infestations, with monitoring and surveys ongoing.

This is Sadio Mane and plays for Liverpool.During the African Cup of Nations he missed a penalty which led to The Lions of Teranga's elimination in the quarter-final stages of the competition. After the game some Senegalese fans attacked his uncles car.

(This is not the actual car) Sadio Mane had this to say "it was my uncle's car. When I called my uncle, it was a big surprise. I know the people of Senegal and they are very supportive. Maybe two or three people did something, but generally I get big support from the people of Senegal.

One reason to go to Senegal is for the excellent music. Here are a few songs Mouhamadou Bamba, Jombaajo, and Tajabone

Good beaches is another reason to go on a vacation to Senegal. The best beaches are found in Cap Skirring and Dakar. The beaches in Cap Skirring are vast and undeveloped even during high tourist season. If you are staying in Dakar, the best beaches are Soumbédioune and secret beach.

Colorful markets in Senegal is why you should take a vacation. Dakar is a shoppers' paradise that offers several markets with duty-free items, handmade local wares and obscure objects.

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