Garrett A. Morgan Kennedy walkeR

On March 4, 1877 Garrett A. Morgan was born. He was born iNto a big family in a small town in Paris. He was the son of Sydney and Elizabeth Morgan. He grew up in the time of reconstruction. He attended school until he was in the 5th grade, then left his home at the age of 14 to move to the Ohio River in search for a job. He found his first job as a handyman for a white landowner but soon became dissatisfied and restless.

In 1895 he left the Ohio river and moved to Cleveland. In Cleveland he settled, got married to marry ann and spent the rest of his life. When he arrived in Cleveland he taught himself all bout sewing machines. He found a job working for a sewing machine company. Over the next few years he held similar positions in different companies. Then he sold his first invention, the belt fastener for a sewing machine for $50. In the following yesrs he had many inventions including the traffic signal...

Morgan had a concern with safety and then well-being of citizens that led him to inventing the traffic signal. On February 27, 1922 he filed out a application for a “traffic signal” that would control the stop-and-go of traffic at intersections. His invention came at a time when horse-drawn carriages had to share the road with automobiles, and there were many accidents involving collisions at intersections. His other inventions include a woman’s hat fastener, a round belt fastener, A belt fastener, and a friction drive clutch. Garrett A. Morgan was considered a genius at this time and he always said "if you want to do something than best the best" and he definitely was then best. Garrett A. Morgan died July 27, 1963.

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