5 Blog

The 5th grade student blog is a way for students and parents to learn about what is happening at within the school. The 5th graders work on their blog 2-3 days a week. They go around the school to collect information and pictures of other levels, then they produce a photo blog.

Here is a 5th grader interviewing a 3-4 about her Math Vitamin.

In order to learn about the other levels, we set up interviews around the school. We also schedule times to take pictures.

In this picture a fifth grader is asking his teacher if it is a good time for him to take pictures for his blog.

When we fifth graders are working on the blog, we try to tell a story that makes sense and is interesting. To make the blogs we use the app Adobe Spark. We learn new things about the other levels and the app everyday. We continue to discover different ways to make the blog better.

At the end of this process, we get to show our work to the students and parents of UCDS.

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