My Utopia by: sammi Hester

Language: The main languages are English and French. The kids will take classes to learn the language throughout their five years of school. Also, year round, the children will be take test to show how much of the language they learned. For anybody who is deaf, they will also be able to learn sign language in one of the designated classes at school. if they're are trying to communicate with someone farther away, they can send messages through their phones Verbally and physically.





Food Supply: We will eat organic and healthy foods like salad, but on Fridays we can eat anything that you want. We will have farms to grow the fruits, vegetables, and wheat. every two days the farmers will go outside and plant fruits and veggies, and they will water the local garden. We will also have people who take care of the animals and livestock. In order to make sure that all of the fruits and veggies are organic, we won't use fertilizers. Instead, we will have people watching over all of the crops to make sure animals and insects don't eat any of it.

Religion: For my religion we have Christianity. We believe that there is only one god, who is the ruler and maker of all things. every Sunday people will go to church. Our government will be a democracy, where all of the decisions will be made by the community. We also believe in majority rule. so if most of the people vote for one thing, the decision will go to them. there will be no school on the catholic holidays such as Christmas and Easter. For each holiday they will have 2 days off of school. For birthdays, a person can use the special computers in every house to pick their own presents, & whatever their age is, they get that number of presents.

Economics: We make money through taxes and trade. It’s distributed by the government because when a person reaches a certain age, they don’t have to work but will still get paid. Some jobs would be farmers, technicians, and construction workers. The bank distributes money the same way Americans do.

Government: The social system is very similar to the USA. 1st would be the government officials, 2nd would be the military soldiers, 3rd would be the upper class/religious authority, 4th would be the middle class, last would be the lower class workers/low paying jobs.


iphone 7, 8, & 9.

Technology: everyone uses apple products and everyone drives cars that they have built by themselves with the parts given to them by the government. The batteries that we have placed in the phones never die. We have invented the invisibility jacket and the teleportation car. In each car there is a tablet where you can choose where you want to go and then it will take you within 1 minute, and they run by electricity.

Culture: It is mainly sunny in my community, so people can wear shorts, shirts, rompers, etc. For many of the businesses, people wear business casual clothes from our local outlets mall. For some downtime, people can take cooking classes in order to get a job as a farmer, and music classes to learn how to sing, play piano, and play guitar. There will also be many gyms so everyone in my utopia can stay fit and in shape.

For education, children will still go to year round school until they reach the age of 16, and will learn the basic courses such as English/French, math, and science. They will also be taught technology and how to build things to prepare them for when they grow up.


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