Theology of the Body By Fernando marcano and alexander lopez

The base of the theology of the body is the incarnation, theology of the body is the meaning of being human.God made us the way we are to imbrace it not to be ashamed about it and to discriminate it.

Theology of the body is embracing the body and respecting it, while sexuality in the popular culture is shunned upon but at the same time it's not respected.

1) The way we think: males try to think in the most implicit way and automatic effect, while females overthink the problem but try to make it have a longer effect

2)How we respond: males try to answer question in the shortest way possible while females go into full detail into the question

3) The way we present things: males usually do clishy and stereotypical thing while females try to do everything unique and are very meticulous 

It helps by understanding how each other thinks, act in different situations and even though we know we are different we always find a conclusion

They should act as themselves, not to put up false expectations, so you can end it up having a good base on that relationship.

1) Communication

2) not to put up false expectations

3) Put the same amount of effort in the relationship

4)Understand each other

5) Not to be scare of show feelings

6)Not to take each other seriously

7)Repect each other

8)support each other

9) take care of each other

10)Never try to change that person

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