Happy Mother's Day She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible she walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings

We might not always see each other but it does not mean that we don't love you more then anything in this world, that we would. Not do anything for you in the face of danger or death to protect you, you will never know just how deeply we are thankful that you chose us to be your children, and for ou to be our. Mother, at such a young age taking on the responsibilities of a baby addicted to chocolate cake with a vitamin deficiency who liked to tell the police He has Bacardi in his bottle and pre teen boy obsessed with mermaids, Disney princesses and your makeup bag when you where sleeping, but you took it all in your stride and give up the power to be strong in the face of judgment, proud in the face of diversity, open minded and cultured well educated, self employed creatives to stand by and for all others and what we believe in. You are a role model for every mother out in the world and our journey together 27 years later is still just beginning.we put you through hell we lifted you up we stood together strong and we wanted to kill each other at times but through all the tantrums screaming and walking in drunk brushing my teet. And trying to walk down the stairs drunk to drink my way through your diet cola stash I love you more then anything xxxx

He may not be at that weird teenage time in his life where he wants to be with his friends, but he is traveling the world far and wide shredding up the table with his mean ass skills on his way to being a pro player to make his mother sister and brothers proud, but we will always know him as little rascal putting battery's in the toaster , and making his very own flying transformers from a toy hammer and remote control car on the stairs.

She wanted to be a warrior princess so got the hair cut, and with her mothers guidence become one of the most beautiful, strong, independent young women I have ever known, but to us both she will always be little chicken legs who loves her cakie bread and covers her face in chocolate mouse.

Balloo knew you had been stealing the mini milk tubs from the hotel for me but he told me if I gave him a hug he would hide the rest for me in my hat

He always enjoyed his cheese just like and like the danger mouse he became as he grew swinging from thing to thing and almost giving us heart attacks with his ninja moves.

The little cabbage patch kid covered in thrills what on earth where you thinking 😂

when you dressed me in so many tracksuits that I would need to keep away from the fire after that little melting trackies incident 😳 Richard was still tame in him ginger Maine and the chicken legs was perfectly innocent in a little angels PJ set

the time you decided the name cabbage patch kid was not enough and decided to dress her up as a cabbage in what looks like a pair of Laura Ashley curtains

The day your daughter proved to the world her confidence and radiance and took those bitches who is judged her in the past because of her weight down to the ground with her feared ass shade and beauty

when your mother still has her game and can takes on the world dressed all classy and cosmopolitan, and calls you at 3 am asking where her hair shoes and friends have gone and all she can see is blue lights

and yet after all the hell the kids have put you through you have come out at the other side with us as adults without a single battle scar most mothers would be grey and haggered yet you stand testimony to beauty and have not changed in the slightest or aged a single day you will still be partying with the queens and dancing with Richard and the trannies come 20 years with the same radiance glow and powerful beauty

Lose women takingnin the world one Bacardi and one beer at a time

Still and always as radiant as ever the most beautiful woman in the world

Apart from the sister of course sorry momma you got competition on this one but only by an inch

they say as your age goes up your #*%^s come down every woman's worst fear yet you chuckle before taking your next super power charged drink of Barcardipusj them up and shake it like Beyoncé on the club

got the wonder woman glamand hashtag hashtag at the ready ''tis momma got fire and she's ready to party

When you know you shouldn't have polished off that bottle of bubbles before you left it your still a goddess

the streets of Venice are calling and the angels throw down their shade in jealousy

and now we are ready to start a new chapter in our lives one whic will hopefully bring us all as a family closer togesther and stronger then ever

A pure smile so belatedly deserved for the most amazing woman in the world

and as lon as the flash is off that smile will Continue to grow and shine without squinty eyes

And your youngest will grow to be the man we all wished he would be a supersonic snooker ninja turtle because he has the most amazing woman to hide him she is strong she is invincible she is


Created By
Glen Ridley

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