Spiderman by:Denis Avelar

Ordinary world:The story begin in New York City
Call to adventure:Spiderman go to action when the New York streets are full of crime and enemies.
Refusal of the call:Spiderman is worried about his girl,because he has a lot of enemies and they can hurt her.
Meeting the mentor:His mentor is his uncle who die,but his uncle left a voice message and he always hear the message for ispiration and responsability.
Crossing the threshold:The normal guy leaves his normal life,since he became spiderman protecting his gir,city and fighting with the enemies.
Test,allies and enemies:The first test was fight with rinoceront of metal with a man controlling it inside.
Innermost Cave:He decide to face his enemies he kill one but are 2 left more that can destroy the city.
Supreme Ordeal:He faces a crisis with his relationship with his girl because he was unsure about that,because he make a promise to the dad of his girl before the dad die.He promise that he going to take distance from her to have her safe from the enemies.
Reward: The reward was that his girl comes back with him again and dont lose her.
The road back:He begins the road to face his enemies and stop them to save the city.
Resurrection:He change after his love Gwen die when his enemie globin throw her from the air and kill her.
Return with Elixir:He made the ordinary world better making that the delincuence of the city dissapear.

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