Democratize Forecasting An initiative to make forecasting with R accessible to a wider public

Initiative leader
Bahman Rostami-Tabar

Dr. Bahman Rostami-Tabar is an Assistant Professor of Logistics and Operations Management at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial engineering and he is interested in research on time series forecasting, supply chain forecasting and forecasting for social good.

Bahman's life objective is to help the world becoming a better place by freely offering his skills and developing free resources.


Decisions always matter for everyone and they need to be supported by evidence and rigorous data analysis. Forecasting is required in many situations to support decision-making. Decision-makers such as individuals, private companies, public sector agencies and nonprofit organisations can all benefit from forecasting as an important and efficient aid. Additionally, quick, cheap and easy access to open source tools such as R, make forecasting easier.


The workshop will help raise awareness around the importance of forecasting for social good and motivate both organizations and academic institutions in under-developing countries to consider the implications of introducing sound forecasting practices for public value.

This project aims to ‘train the trainers’ in the form of university students, academics and professionals on the principles of forecasting using R software . The workshop is designed for 3 days and it is free of charge. The ultimate goal of this project is to train 600 individuals, over 5 years in 20 countries in the world. The idea is to focus on less privileged regions of the planet such as Africa, Asia, Middle East and South-America.

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills on “forecasting” which can be served to make better decisions that may have positive direct impact on their society.
  • Provide an up-to-date training in data analysis using R.
  • Increase the visibility of IIF as a socially responsible Institute.
  • Create a network among target countries with a focus on forecasting for social good.
  • Encourage IIF members and more generally academics to be more engaged with the World to fight inequality, and make our planet a more sustainable place.
Which country is eligible?

Countries will be selected based on their economic situation . Priority is given to lower income countries.


If you would like to organize this workshop in your country, please contact me:

  • Email address: rostami-tabarb@cardiff.ac.uk
  • Direct line: +44-(0)29208 70723
  • Skype: trostamit
  • Wbpage
  • Twitter
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