Preventing concussions in High School Sports Cameron Jones

Every year nearly 2 million kids are injured in high school sports. Fall sports like football and soccer bring on all types of injuries such as broken bones, concussions, ankle sprains and many many more.

This is a survey I did of you kids. Out of the 138 total seasons played between everyone in the class there was a total of 28 injuries that kept the athlete out for a week or more.

Here in Wayland sports are second only to academics, there can be a lot of pressure on kids to tough it out and get back on the field. This opens the window for injuries to last longer and have more serious consequences

As you can see, concussions are one of the most prevalent injuries for the average high school athlete. Studies show that concussions account for 10% of all student athletes injuries. Also, recent studies show that over 80 percent of students who had suffered concussions reported "a significant worsening of symptoms over the first four weeks as they attempted school learning activities."

The number of concussions in football specifically can be greatly reduced by coaches taking the time to show their players the proper form. I have played football for 7 years and have never had a concussion, this is due to my coaches going through the proper tackling form, which includes keeping your head up and making contact with your shoulder.

Another sport where concussions are overwhelmingly prevalent is women's soccer. Women are more susceptible to concussions than men. The large amount of concussions comes from the speed at which the ball hits the players head when they go up to head the ball.

Concussions in soccer can be prevented by the players making smarter decisions about when it is safe to head the ball, some youth programs for soccer have banned heading the ball entirely.

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