Renaissance 2017 Week two

This week Danyaka, Grace, and i have been working hard on research. We have been going more in depth on our research and have found new facts. We picked our individual topics of write our blogs about. Grace picked peasant foods and what the peasants ate, Danyaka picked the feasts and how the foods are prepared, and I picked the Nobles and merchant foods and what the nobles and merchants ate.

Grace showing me all her awesome facts about peasant foods !

This week we all have been looking at things we could do for our creative piece. One idea we had was building a miniature inn because when people ate feasts you would eaither eat with a close by family or go to an inn. Another idea we had was making the inside of an inn. We would recreate what the tables looked like and the carts that people would bring the food on and stuff like that.

An idea for our creative piece, an inn !!

This week has been hard to work efficiently. Danyaka was out 2/4 classes we had this week and also due to mcas we didn't have one class. It's also been hard because all the groups have four and five people but our group only has three and usually only two because danyaka is never here. Grace and I have been doing double the work, both working on our individual blogs and with our source check, our creative piece plan, and the weekly progress blog. Not including our after school activities, our busy lives, and studying for our science final. Paige and Grace have been working at home a lot more on this project. Honestly it's a lot of work doing all of this with only two people.

Paige multi-tasking between studying for science and working on her WEx project

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