Epic Hero

  • Brave to be ready to face and endure danger or pain. Every epic hero has to be brave because if theirs ever a situation to face danger or pain they'll have to be.

Odysseus was Brave when he decided he will stab the cyclops in the eye in order to get out of trouble. Most people wouldn't fight a human eating monster who could easily have killed him.

In the Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America faces off against the Nazi organization Hydra and its head, known as Red Skull. This was as brave as it gets when you fight a whole army of people.

  • Resiliency to have the ability comeback from defeat. Every superhero needs to have resiliency because they may be knocked down but getting back up is what can really define what kind of epic hero he is.

Odysseus shows he's resilient because he is in a situation where he has been defeated. Odysseus was resilient when he came back with a plan which worked. ( Odyssey Book 9, lines 415-420)

Captain America showed rescilicey when he and the Avengers rally in defense of New York City but quickly realize they will be overwhelmed as wave after wave of Chitauri.

Committed to be dedicated and loyal to a cause. Every epic hero is committed to fighting in what they want or for or others, in a positive way.

Odysseus was committed to going back to Ithica. With many challenges in the way he stayed committed to this. With commitment it would never be possible to achieve his goal. (Odyssey)whole story

Basically in every movie in which Captain America came out he was committed to something. Most of the time was protecting the world from evil. But in The Civil War, Captain America was committed to help his friend which he knew was innocent.

Epic Heros of all sorts either old or modern day heros haven't really had a huge impact on me. The only way is being entertained by watching movies on them or reading story's. But I can see how people,especially for younger kids, can be influenced by epic superheroes.

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