www.kNiTPuNK.net Website redesign

Stakeholder: Sunday White: Maker and Seller

Knitter, Weaver, Metal Worker

The experience the stakeholder wants her users to have when they visit the website:

  • Would like people to feel like they are part of the rock show…are as fabulous (or more than) the "media hyped" entertainers we have pushed at us every day.To have easy access to galleries/slides of past work that highlight my capabilities.
  • To feel comfortable and able to support an artist, even if they don't want to buy anything.
  • I have a charitable tab hooked up for donations - I have not marketed this yet as I am not sure how.

Stakeholder's overall needs and wants for website:

  • Needs website to be more of a promotional tool than "this is my opinion" blog.
  • Wants inquisitive customers to come see clearly what she has made in past, what is available for sale and how to commission custom products.
  • Visitors to feel like they are part of the rock show…are as fabulous (or more than) the "media hyped" entertainers pushed at us every day.
  • Visitors to have easy access to galleries/slides of past work that highlight capabilities.
  • Visitors to feel comfortable and able to support an artist, even if they don't want to buy anything, through the charitable tab "Pennies for Education", where donations can be made to me (currently not marketed).


Competitive Analysis - I compared websites to the stakeholder's utilizing various qualities based on a numeric scale from 1 - 4. The score for any website that did not have the quality was reduced by 1. The highest score any of the websites could receive was 28.

Qualities Compared:

  • Graphics
  • Quality of Main Color
  • Warmth of Colors
  • Ease of Navigation
  • Inviting
  • Blog Content
  • Interaction with Users - Visible comments or social media shares

I chose three websites from Artists that were participating in a Creative Market Fair with the stakeholder. One website (Rock Paper Scissors Lady" is a fellow seller on Etsy.

  • Knit Punk - Stakeholder - http://www.knitpunk.net/ - 11
  • Fused Glass House - http://www.fusedglasshouse.com/ - 17
  • Left Coast Artist Collective - https://lcacpdx.com/ - 23
  • Garnet Fiber Studio - http://www.garnetfiberstudio.com/ - 24
  • Rock Paper Scissors Lady - http://www.rockpaperscissorslady.com/wp/ - 12
The websites all could improve aspects of User Design.

User Interviews - Interviewed four potential visitors to the site who do enjoy handmade items and supporting makers.

Sample of questions posed to users:

  1. What type of websites do you visit?
  2. Do you read blogs? Why or why not?
  3. How do you discover new blogs to read?
  4. What type of content do you enjoy reading on blogs?
  5. What social media platforms do you actively use? Why?
  6. Please describe your shopping habits for art, design or craft items?
  7. How do you feel about interacting with the designer/maker/artist behind the products? Why?
  8. If you were to interact with the designer/maker/artist online, would you interact on the below websites/applications and what type of content would you enjoy: (These are all of the content or social media links currently on knitpunk.net.)
  • Blog:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:
  • Twitter:
  • Google+:
  • Tumblr:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Etsy:

I also observed the users using www.knitpunk.net and noted their reactions to it.

Users' Reactions:

  • Hard to read on background
  • Too many typos and grammar mistakes
  • Blog posts too long
  • Wanted content with the Photos
  • Wanted to see what was available for sale
  • Felt “Pennies for Education” was misleading
  • Liked that Sunday supported other makers
  • Liked photos on blog posts

User Persona

New target customers - Knitters

Ideal User Flow

The user flow was developed from discussions with the Users about the current design of the websites compared to other types of websites they visit.

Paper Prototype:


Design Thinking

  • Analyze Information Architecture
  • Consolidate menu tabs
  • Conduct card sorting exercise
  • Re-brand website's message
  • Lessen the amount of social media sites based on user research
  • Decide whether to keep or remove “Pennies for Education” menu tab

Design Process

Analysis of Information Architecture

Current Information Architecture

The users interviewed did not understand why there were so many categories.

Card Sorting Results

The users who completed the card sorting exercises felt that there should only be 2 main categories.

Redesigned Information Architecture

The goal of the redesign is to streamline the menu option. Plus to encourage user interaction through social media with the new tab "How You Rock It!".


Original Branding: Passive Anarchy - Target Audience: Non-Knitters

Sample below from the "About" page:

Passive: without active response.

Anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

Now – put the two together – In my vision it is a way to push against the grain. It is squeezing that balloon. It is walking against the flow of the crowd. Not pushing, not shoving, not breaking through the wall or bursting the balloon. Just being unique. Not being a lemming. Not having an VIOLENT resistance, does not mean NO resistance. It is bending with the wind and springing back to our own shape. Anarchy? Non-recognition of authority. Your ability to represent your true authentic self requires a little bit of anarchy. I choose not to recognize many levels of authority. The fashion media, social negativity, news pushers, corporate hustlers, celeb trend makers.These things DO NOT DEFINE ME. These things DO NOT DEFINE YOU.

Revised Branding: Socially Conscious - Target Audience: Knitters and Non-Knitters

Some of the users agreed with Sunday's point of view of societal norms, they felt that it too aggressive and could potentially turn off users. I came up with Socially Conscious as a way to express her view points with a less aggressive tone. No one likes to be yelled at whether in person or online.

The decision to include knitters in the target audience range is due to Sunday's ability to do metal working. She is capable of making shawl pins which can be pre-made and sold on her Etsy shop. Knitters interviewed stated that they would buy multiple shawl pins which would allow Sunday to focus more on the knitted and woven pieces that take longer to make.

Created a new tagline so users would know the purpose and view point of the website: "My socially conscious world of fiber art and metal work! Stereotypes have no place in my world."



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