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Hasse 'Hassan' Sørensen

graphic designer, writer, concept maker, instructor and slightly weird

Tellusgatan 9A · 224 57 Lund · Sweden

+45 31 50 20 15


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"The further down you scroll, the more details you get" (Samic proverb)

The Pale Tribe

The Pale Tribe

I'm the chieftain in the advertising agency The Pale Tribe, catering to a clientel not interested in classic tv– and magazine advertising, but needs something more direct and thought provoking. It's the local pizzeria, rock bands and organisations under the United Nations. Customers are to be found from Nuuk, in the Arctic, to Nouméa, in the Pacific.

The Pale Tribe makes graphic design for print, web and engraving. Text, photo and video; recording and editing. Concept development, visual identity, and a lot of other stuff.

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Always on the move

Some personal information ...

I should be ashamed of my self. Let's make it it clear: I am not, but I should be.

I'm born in Denmark, 1970, and has since then lived in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Denmark (again), and now Sweden.

(Here you can read my introductions to Denmark and Sweden.)

One word to desceibe me could be "travels" – before I turned 18 I had been in more than 50 countries. This continued in my adult life.

I have two daughters: Simone, born 1996, and Manila, born 2004. Simone is not my own, but she has been a mayor part of my life since she was five years old, untill her mother and I divorced, when Simone was 18. I live in Lund, Sweden, with my youngest daughter, my fiancé, Annika, and her daughter. – you never can get too many girls in your life!

I'm trained as a graphic designer before data machines were available, but managed to keep up with the development, within the business. As a consultant and educator I have had to be in the frontline.

I have been described as "the Jamie Oliver to graphic design". Not as a praise: I talk way too much, making very geeky stuff sound way too easy.

I'm an anarchist, by nature, and thrives with improvisation. My motto could be "don't worry, nothing is under control."

I'm kind of a chaos pilot, thinking out of the boxes – I'm the one you'll call, when you need to purchase € 1,000 worth of insanity for your project or marketing.

I'm fluent in Danish, Swedish and English, speaks a little German and PNG Pidgin, and I can order coffee in French, Spanish, Italian, Thai and Vietnamese ...

Why “Hassan”? Because لقد دعا حسن منذ كنت طفل

I'm a militant atheist. (Religion is like a penis. It's fine if you have one, and cool if you're proud of it, but do not take it out in public, waving it around.)

Politics .... Well, somewhere between Karl Marx and Barrack Obama, and desperately wants to be a dictator.

You can read my CV here.

I think the experiences that shaped me the most, were that – even my parents were well off, and well educated, and everything was planed for a childhood in luxury – I always ended up in wooden barracs. My school was under construction, my fathers job in Greenland was at a makeshift location, etc. Always a wooden barrack, or a hotel room. Everything was improvised and temporary. So now I navigate in chaos brilliantly. It has even been said about me, that I can make a webserver on a public toilet in Bombay, with nothing but a Nokia 3310 and some tinfoil.

My advertising company (The Pale Tribe) had an office in the Kronborg Castle, in Elsinore, Denmark, for a time. That sounds very fancy, I know, but ... We just had to paint and fix the wiring, our selves ...

It effects the way I work: I always look for the cheap, unorthodox, creative and alternative solutions. I'm no stranger to challenging the establishment. To be honest, I can be a pain in the ass, in my eager to get things outside of the boxes.

“The older I get, the more I realise; there are no adults, and nobody knows what the fuck they are doing!”

Remember: You can get away with the most amazing bullshit, if you claim it's a Samic proverb.

You can't have too many reindeer

Hassan Sørensen · Tellusgatan 9A · 224 57 Lund · Sweden · +4531502015 · adx@adx.dk

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