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Schools systems should limit the amount of digital technology in primary and secondary schools, because digital technology can harmfully impact a child’s developing brain, their social behaviors, and their attention span.

  1. I choose this topic because the question of technology in schools offers many debatable viewpoints, and it also is a current conflict that affects children of this generation.
  2. The problem I am addressing is the use of technology and electronic media used for education in school systems. This is identified as a problem, because many children's cognitive, social,and developmental skills are hindered by utilizing technology in schools 24/7.
  3. My solution would be to incorporate times for technological advancement in classes equitably designed to teach you about the internet, software, and computer apps, while limiting technology use and media in classes that would benefit from more hands on learning such as, language, science lab, math lab, and reading, and social scenes like lunch and breaks.
  4. Some objections that I could come across would be, "What if I don't want my kids in a specific computer class?" The classes could become optional. or "What if I want more technology incorporated into core classes?" Schools could find a middle ground between overuse and under-use of technology that a certain class may benefit from and well as the students of different ages.
  5. Ultimately, this is important because it would allow children to become less dependent on technology, while also encouraging them to experience knowledge outside of what school can provide, and create logical links to school and the internet's words, ideas, and other concepts.


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