Aquaponics in Action By: Chastity D'Amato


Lake Taihu is a large fresh water lake that is located in Wuxi, China.

Way back when, this lake experienced a giant algal bloom which made the entire lake green covered in algae.

The aquaponic system helped the process of removing the nutrients in the water that allowed the algae to grow.

The lake was full completely of algae

This is the water before and after the aquaponic system

This is a DWC Aquaponic System

DWC stands for Deep Water Culture
As you see here the plants are floating above the lake and the roots are underwater which is what happens in a DWC Aquaponic System.

In this aquaponic system...

... the beautiful Siamese Fighting Fish, otherwise known as The Betta Fish, are used. These fish are used so they can eat the worms from the ground and the nutrients that the algae uses to speed the process.

How was this aquaponic system built?

As you can see here only the roots are underwater and they are on top of this foam board and those boards are supported by bamboo sticks.

Random fact...

This system is changed to write or spell a symbol or someone's name in Chinese.


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