Mrs. Wise concord,science, 4th Grade

She knew she wanted to be a teacher since 5th grade, at her Junior high school there was a program that allowed her to go over to the elementary school and help with the students. She started subbing to get her reputation out there and to get a good reputation, then one day she was hired because people knew her and knew how she was as a teacher through her substituting.

The major tasks of teaching for her are to provide a way for each student to meet the Ohio Standards. She said that theirs lots of people who have helped her with teaching such as other fourth grade teachers, other science teachers, and parents. She has requirements she has to meet for the state or national education-related policies and to help her do so the principle checks up/ walk through, she has pacing guide she has to tell her where she needs to be at what time, and she has a check off list so she knows where shes at on what shes already taught. The skills you need to have to be successful in this job is flexible organization and to be adaptable. To become licensed as a teacher you need a four year degree in teaching and evaluated every four years.

The greatest satisfaction of being a teacher is seeing the growth of the students from the beginning of the year to the end. If she could change anything about her job she would want more time for interpersonal time with the students and to take the standard tests away. The biggest challenge she faces as a teacher would be getting it all done in the amount of time she has and just finding time to do everything, being a teacher takes a lot of time outside of work.

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