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Valerie Tagoe, Wilmer-Hutchins HS Librarian

Valerie was selected by the American Library Association as one of the eight members for this year's Policy Corps. The Policy Corps advocates for libraries and librarians at the national public policy level.
Valerie Tagoe has been involved in Dallas Association of School Librarians and the Texas Library Association Legislative Committee. Valerie will be a valuable member of the Policy Corps and an asset to Dallas ISD librarians. Valerie is eager to put her knowledge into action throughout Texas.

Kena Sosa, Lida Hooe Elem. Librarian

Librarian and award winning author Kena Sosa has been busy this spring! Her book Kindertransport: A Child’s Journey was selected for the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio's K-5 book list for Holocaust Week Education. Kena also read her book The Unhuggables for the Dallas Public Library's Virtual Book Festival.
Kindertransport - a Child's Journey is a middle grade novel about Jewish 10 year old Helen and her escape from the Nazis on a train prior to the outbreak of World War II. Enchanted Page Book Award Winner for 2019, The Unhuggables is a fun story about love and the power of hugs.

Mary Martinez, Winnetka Elem. Librarian

Virtual Book Club has “brought some routine and normalcy back in the middle of the crisis we are facing. They feel a part of the school, and for their children to be able to reconnect with other students at Winnetka is very valuable. Students look forward to seeing each other and Ms. Martinez every week!” ~ Principal Lourdes Garduño

Mary Martinez is using story time with caring and helping themes to calm her students fears of the current situation. Mary was featured on the Hub and CBS Ch. 11 news with her virtual book club.

Sheila Ortega, Bayles Elem. Librarian

"Children and adults love to visit the library at Bayles because of the positive environment that she has created and maintains on a daily basis."

Sheila Ortega was recognized as the Guiding Principle Superstar for Environment by the Dallas SEL Dept. Sheila decorates her library with colorful displays and organizes the books to connect with current events.

I See You!

by DeNeene Henderson

New ways to do everything we did before continue to develop. The past few weeks have presented us with unprecedented challenges. We have also been given new opportunities to learn and extend our library practice! It's always exciting to walk into face-to-face PD and see co-workers, past co-workers and friends. I have experienced that same elation weekly as I take PD classes online and see many of you there! Whether it was the Wonder Workshop Summit, a Leslie Fisher webinar, Microsoft Innovative Educator Certification training, or virtual TLA, you have shown up and participated with distinction! If you earn certificates, remember to upload them into Cornerstone under ‘External Training’. If you want to join us, search vendor websites, look closely at training opportunity emails and tweets, visit the Region X website, and ask other librarians. I look forward to seeing the positive impact on lesson design and student learning that these opportunities will spark. See you soon - in another virtual class!

Dynamic Librarians

CONGRATULATIONS to Reinhardt Elementary Librarian, Caricia Zepeda, for being awarded the Keep Kids Learning Program grant supported by the Neukom Family Foundation. She received $1,000 from Walmart to purchase books, supplies, and other materials. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies.

Maricela Verastiqui, Hotchkiss Elementary Librarian, inspired other librarians to create choice boards after she shared her Earth Day choice board with the department. She had a variety of different activities to appeal to different interests. Maricela also shared the blog post by Shannon McClintock Miller that she used to create her choice board. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Designs instruction for a range of learners and models & supports collaboration.

CONGRATULATIONS to Harllee ECC Librarian, Michelle Touchet, who was selected to participate in TLA's TALL Texan program. This is a wonderful opportunity for Michelle to learn and grow not only as a librarian but a leader. She will be a great asset to Dallas ISD librarians. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Models & supports collaboration, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies including ethical behavior.

Alicia Grijalva, Chapel Hill Prep. School Librarian, created a weekly Positive Things newsletter for adults during our at-home work situation. The newsletter offers three short positive escapes from our new daily routine. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Provides a conducive & safe virtual learning environment.

Sergio Arzac, McShan Elem. Librarian, has provided impromptu training on using the green screen for storytime and announcements with fellow librarians. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Provides a conducive & safe virtual learning environment and models & supports collaboration.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jordan Elementary Librarian, Lynn De Ford, for having her Donor's Choose selected so she can purchase 2x2 books. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile - Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies.

Working from Home

A student enjoys Ms. Wright Young's (Hexter Elem.) storytime. Ms. Franklin Holland Elem. celebrated Library Week with her virtual campus. Ms. Roberson Quintanilla MS did a SEL check via Twitter. Take a look at Ms. Booker's Lone Star presentation. Ms. Campos Solar Prep for Girls uses YouTube as part of her library time. Ms. Pattillo Lakewood Elem. continues to do a novel study just virtually. Ms. King Madison HS promotes the Dallas Public Library's Express Yourself Poetry Contest. Mrs. Bender Moreno Elem. shares makerspace creations on social media.

Promoting Books

How do you promote books? Mr. Hood Longfellow Career Exploration Academy takes a book shelfie. Dr. Badia Franklin International Exploratory Academy shows how to bake cookies then discusses a book about cookies. Ms. Harris Molina HS showed teachers how to add her announcement for SORA on their Google Classroom. Mrs. Smith Oliver Elem. shared her data on how SORA has increased from week to week on Instagram. Ms. Williams Young Women's STEAM Academy @ Balch Springs shares book trailers. Ms. McClung Pleasant Grove Elem. wrote a haiku to promote eBooks.

Providing Access due to Covid-19

Ms. Walker-Reed Spruce HS, Ms. Dosker Gooch Elem., and Ms. De Ford Jordan Elem. connect with families while distributing equipment.

Still Providing Information Just in a Different Format

Ms. Starks Seagoville North Elem. and Ms. Cunningham Townview have research guides online. Ms. Ballard Moore Pinkston HS, Ms. Grijalva Chapel Hill Prep., and Ms Willis Foster Elem. all share fun activities through their website or newsletter. Choice Boards have been trending among the Dallas ISD librarians, here's an example from Ms. Lopez Rosemont Elem.

Not Your Same Old Storytime

Realia, special guests, puppets, wigs, costumes, and props have become a staple for storytime. Ms. Touchet Harllee ECC invited Farmer Wyatt and his rooster, Ms. McElyea Miller Elem. made puppets, Ms. Weatherly Sanger Prep. created a colorful venn diagram, and Ms. Canales encouraged everyone to be brave during storytime.

Learning & Trying New Tech Tools

Ms. Fuentes CityLab created a cool virtual library on Google Classroom. Ms. Austin-Chambers Callejo Elem. has been using FlipGrid to see her students and have them review books. Ms. Frodin used Symbaloo to share resources with her campus. Mrs. Jones Terry Elem. engaged students with a game of Avengers Trivia using Kahoot! Ms. Sancedio Kramer Elem. has embraced TikTok.
We Appreciate You!


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