Marriage is a Good Thing

Benefit of Marriage #1

Happier With Life. There is a strong link between love and joy. A study in the Journal of Family Pyschology shows that happiness depends more on the quality of relationships than the level of income.

Benefit of Marriage #2

Marriage is good for your bones. Researchers have found that married men exhibited better bone mineral health than men who were widowed or single. Women who have a good marriage and a spouse that truly cares for her, have stronger bones.

Benefit of Marriage #3

Marriage causes people to become wealthier than they were before. When men get married, they tend to save more money than single men. The realization that you have someone to take care of motivates you.

Benefit of Marriage #4

True companionship. You and your spouse made a vow to stay together. Marriage allows them to always be there. You always have someone to talk to or go to the grocery store with.

Benefit of Marriage #5

Marriage helps you stay healthy. Cancer patients who are married tend to live 20 percent longer than those who are single or divorced. A spouse is always there for a patient right when the diagnosis is delivered. They help with keeping up with appointments and helping them when they are weak. A spouse is someone who encourages their spouse to go to appointments and keeps them going.

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