1755 ch de la Sauvagine Your Ski Chalet

Bonjour Mon Amis,

This week, at long last, we take possession of our amazing cabin nestled in the hills of St. Jovite. This page will provide you with all the information you will need to enjoy the cabin. From laundry, directions, to housekeeping decorum, I'll do my best to outline it here.

The Basics.

  • Address: 1755 chemin de la Sauvagine, Quebec
  • Door Code: 4280
  • Wifi: Posted when given
  • Dates: January 20th - February 28th
  • Problems/Questions: lucastingle@gmail.com | 613.540.1066

Which Room is Mine?

The cabin has 3 full rooms, and one with a pull out futon (or guest room). The main room has 2 rooms, plus the futon room. The upstairs is a large loft, with a Queen Bed and cozy sleeping for kids.

Some of our visits are sure to over lap. Therefore, we will subscribe to the first come first serve method. When you get to the cabin, simply pick whichever room you'd prefer.

Two caveats: 1) If people have children they get dibs on the loft. As that is the most suitable space for families i.e. the most space. 2) If you have a guest and all of the rooms are full, the renters have dibs on the main rooms (guests may have to sleep on the futon).


If you decide to bring a guest, which is totally cool, there will be a small fee for each night they stay.

$40 a night for guests. Family/partners are free.

This money will be used to cover house keeping and any additional expenses we may incur. The fee also dissuades multiple guests from coming up for extended visits and crowding the cabin. Please be respectful of the other's you are sharing the cabin with.

There will be an envelope with note cards on the dinning room table. Write the name of the guest, host, and dates of stay of the envelope. Deposit the cash inside.


Address: 1755 ch de la Sauvagine, Quebec

Obviously you can just plug this address into your GPS and voila! I'm a stickler for time, so I'm going to hook you up with my 3.5 hour root.

  • Head East on the 401 from Kingston
  • Turn North on the 416 heading to Ottawa (try to avoid rush hour).
  • Follow the 416 all the way until you reach the 417.
  • Head East on the 417 passed Ottawa & Orleans.
  • The 417 express way will end in a traffic light.
  • Drive on through the traffic light still heading East (417 becomes the 174).
  • Keep an eye out for the next set of lights, should be at Cameron Street.
  • Take a left on to Cameron toward the water and board the Ferry.
  • The Ferry costs $10
  • Carry on straight from the Ferry until you reach the 50: a big freeway you'll have to merge onto, not dissimilar to the 401.
  • Head East on the 50.
  • Drive approximately 40km East on the 50 and exit at the Montebello Exit 210.
  • Head North on the 323.
  • Follow the 323 to Mont Tremblant (approximately 70km).
  • Once in Tremblant, take the 117 East.
  • Take the first exit heading east onto the 327.
  • Follow the 327 south for 1 - 2kms
  • Take a left onto Chemin Paquette. This is our road!
  • Chemin Paquette turns into Chemin de la Sauvagine.
  • Look for 1755 on your right (approx. 9km).

*note the driveway can be a bit tricky, so take your time with it.

House Keeping

  • Don't leave any food. Take everything with you when you leave.
  • The garbage bins are at the bottom of the drive. Please dispose of your own waste and recycle.
  • You are responsible for washing your bedding and remaking the bed you've used when you leave after each visit.
  • Do your own dishes.
  • Please leave the cabin in the same shape you found it in.
  • no smoking.

This is a shared space. Please respect the other's in the way you use the cabin.

We will be hiring a cleaning service twice to manage the overall condition of the cabin.

The Fire Place

The fireplace at the cabin keeps the whole cabin very warm, but there are a few protocols to follow when using it.

  • You fill the fire place once and leave it to burn all the way down.
  • You do not continually feed the fire.
  • First open the flue, found to the left of the fire place. The flue is attached to a long hanging cord that goes into the ceiling.
  • Second open the door to the first place using the detachable handle. Found next to the fireplace, to the right, on the stone shelf overhead.
  • Create roughly 12 paper balls and fill the bottom of the fire place.
  • Then stack wood, in a criss-cross/log cabin style to the top.
  • That is to say 3 or 4 pieces equally spaced running in one direction, followed by another layer of 3 to 4 pieces equally spaced running the opposite way. And so on until you have filled the fireplace.
  • Light the paper.
  • Close the door immediately and let burn to completion.
  • This should only be done 3 - 4 times max a day on very cold days. 1 - 2 times on a normal day.

If this is unclear I can make a short video to show you.

**Please do not touch the base board heaters at all. I will be managing those. They are key to keeping the pipes from freezing.

St. Jovite

– groceries, restaurants, & shops –

St Jovite is the closest town to the cabin that has all your amenities. The small quaint town in 14km from our place. To get there:

  • Head back out toward the 327 on ch de la Sauvagine the way you came in.
  • Take a right on the 327 and follow straight into town.
  • St Jovite is just on the other side of the 117.

Let'er Rip!

Created By
Lucas Tingle


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