Unhappy Feet Global Warming Disaster

In Antarctica penguins homes are being destroyed, the greenhouse gases are causing global warming leading to the death of thousands of penguins each year.

When penguins lay their eggs the fathers always stay with them. Due to global warming the ice that penguins would lay their eggs on breaks away. The eggs hatch and the baby penguins are swept into the ocean before they're mature enough to swim. Then the father penguins are stuck on a floating piece of ice.

Every day penguins homes are melting, they have no place to sleep or lay their eggs. They are left swimming in the ocean, being eaten by predators.

Antarctica is a very cold and freezing envirnment, but it is also the home of the emporor penguin. The highest tempature ever recored in antarctica is 17.5 degrees. Antartica is also home to several predators that will hunt penguins like seals and polar bears. Global warming is killing penguins and making it easier for predators in the process.

Global warming is when too much carbon dioxide is released into the air. Then it causes more heat to reach earth. In conclusion the the polar ice caps are melting and penguins are dying.

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