A passion for Animals

You need to go to school for training to become a vet assistant.

Becoming a veterinary assistant isn’t that hard if you are really interested in that field. You first need to start by having your high school diploma or GED. You can actually start studying to become a vet. Assistant in in school. Some schools provide programs for specific fields. If your school does its highly recommend that you take the course. If you don't know what a vet. Assistant does it's pretty cool.

They do exactly what nurses do.

If you love animals and taking care of them you might want to look into this career. Veterinary assistants help feed, weighing, and taking temperatures for the animals. Some other routine duties include giving medication, cleaning cages, grooming, and providing care before and after surgery. In order on becoming a vet. Assistant you have to get your associate degree in veterinary technology. It takes up to two years or less.

vets get okay pay.

The latest update on how much Veterinary assistants make was on Jan. 30 of this year, which is up to $32,683 a year. A average salary is about $12 a hour in our area.

Don't you wanna be a vet!


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