My sweet escape during the pandemic by: Sarai Tlachi

Photo Essay Description

As we hit the one-year mark of being in lockdown due to COVID-19, we are getting closer to going back to what some might call “the normal life”. As I am less than a year away from becoming “an adult” I am trying to hold on to my comfort places and trying to stay grounded during this pandemic. There is a lot expected from the first-generation students as they begin their journey towards college, As I am preparing to begin this journey I have to decide where to begin my journey. There is a lot behind this simple yet complicated decision and now it is up to me to decide. While thinking of this decision, I have had trouble seeing the good in this world and thinking of possible solutions to help create the change the world needs. Spending time with those I love and connecting with nature has helped me think of possible solutions and has improved my mental health. What I hope my audience experiences while going through my work is that we do in fact have to make the most out of all our days. We also have to be the change we want to see in this world. People seem to have lost sight of what matters in life especially with how insane our world has become. There is beauty in this world.

Making Memories
Having younger siblings means being a good role model. It is hard to grow up being in a lockdown, As time goes by I try to make sure my siblings are happy and are being heard.
Through these hard times I have found many ways to connect with my family. These are memories that I know my younger siblings will be able to look back at and be thankful.
Escaping with My Dad by My Side
My sister & I will be going away to college in the fall, because of this it is important for us to spend the most time we can with our father. As much as we follow our father like little ducklings, it never seems like there's enough time.
Weekends at my dad's consists of taking hikes, watching movies, & trying new foods. With all the joy my father brings into our life he will always be a role model.

I have been able to forget some of the tough time with my fur babies by my side!!

Rona (bottom pitball) was born a few weeks after the covid-19 pandemic started, which is why we named her Rona. Watching her grow up with my other dog (snoopy) has been a huge highlight during these times.
Exploring Mother Nature
My favorite place during Covid was definitely the beach. Being able to connect with nature and pick sea shells were one of my golden memories.

Because Covid has affected many people, I believe that a cure for many problems is to take time for yourself and connect with the earth. The following pictures are some of my favorite captures and the most helpful times.

Thank You for your time! I hope you enjoyed looking over my pictures & memories!

Sarai Tlachi

My name is Sarai Tlachi. I was born in Gardena but I was raised in East Los Angeles/Boyle Heights moving between my mother’s and father’s house. I am a 17-year-old first-generation students and a senior at USC Hybrid High. I would describe myself as outgoing, courageous, kind-hearted, selfless, adventurous and generous. I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, camping, and travelling. Some qualities about myself are that I know how to prioritize my goals and how to be organized. One reason I like being a photographer is because I am able to express myself through my photos. Each of my photos include a memory, a memory that I believe shows a glimpse of my life through my eyes. Las Fotos Project has taught me how to display a story through my photos and has taught me how to see the beauty in life.

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Sarai Tlachi