Spaghetti Project Brittany burns w2

For this project I will describe who, what when where and why i took the picture/s of the people in my group.

My first photo is representing how we made the base of our tower , we made it out of four spaghetti sticks in the shape of a square to start it off and then we tried to connect the sticks at the edges to secure the bottom .
This image is a blurry overview of what we started out with. Salvation came up with the idea of making all of the sticks on the edge join together in the center of the tower.
My third image is of Kaleb Hansen adding on more sticks to the top of the tower to make it longer. At this part of adding on more to the tower Kaleb had to be very careful about adding sticks into the marshmallows . The marshmallows couldn't hold too many sticks for them to break that would get very fragile after a few sticks were sat in them.
Our final product for our spaghetti project came out really good, this image is of salvation and Domonique adding a few special touches to make sure that is it secured properly. I captured this picture because it shows some of the "designs " that we incorporated in our tower ......for example the crossing sticks

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