Artificial Intelligence Technology in action 14.e

Major Themes

Think as Humans do

Cognitive Science

strives to understand the nature of the mind and look for overlap between psychology, linguistics and computer science. This leads us to trying to understand how we recognize patterns, understand speech, and learn. and can we use computing technology to augment how we do these tasks.

Dr. David Eagleman


is growing in new directions. Machine learning allows the expansion of robotic abilities, that is the robots learn from their own failures.

Cognitive Computing

is the use of computers to begin to interact with humans naturally, using our own style of language, predicting what needs to be done next, interacting like a living person. The IBM Watson system has been doing this successfully in the medical field for years now, acting as an advanced expert in diagnosis. Watson diagnosed one patient correctly in 10 minutes, after her case had stumped physicians for months. Watson is now expanding into education, to deliver a customized tutor to each student.

IBM Watson - Medical Mystery solver


Machine Learning

Watson can do other "human" tasks like detect the type of emotion in your voice, or in your writing. Google is using machine learning to improve its language translations products to the level of human accuracy. Google Tensor Flow, the program the company's programmers use for tasks like this, is available and free for you to explore, as is the Blue Mix service from IBM.

Neural Networks

How could a computer ever achieve what we can accomplish with our brains? One approach is to consider our brain as an enormous network on on/off electrical switches.... which sounds very similar to a CPU ! The techniques of neural networks mimic this approach in software to accomplish human tasks like image recognition and even artistic creation.

...and more....

the future of computing technology may take forms we do not normally think of as robots. The ability of computing devices to perform human, and beyond-human, tasks will be built on the base of understanding computer science, psychology and philosophy.

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