NUA-New Urban Accessibility Patiala, Punjab, INDIA

PROJECT OVERVIEW: NUA or New Urban Accessibility is a prototype intervention in the city of Patiala, Punjab as part of an ongoing project to develop a SDG oriented approach towards planning and design for the city roads through community participation. Patiala is a city of 406,92 inhabitants where 1 life is lost every 2 weeks on the city roads due to traffic crashes. The project intervention redesigns one of the major and prominent intersection called ‘Fountain Chowk’ from a high conflict zone to a city wide public space that promotes accessibility and walkability, safe realm for cyclists, resolves traffic conflicts through a pedestrian first approach. Fountain Chowk is part of a 2 km pilot corridor on one of the prime streets of the city lined with prominent public spaces, government institutions and important buildings. NUA aligns itself to the principles of SDG to leave no one behind thereby promoting safety, inclusion and long term sustainability.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: With the support of a local NGO, a traveling exhibition on the proposed intervention at Fountain Chowk will be taken across the city to integrate public opinion and participation. With the help of local media and newspapers, the idea of SDGs and proposed intervention will be shared for public feedback and outreach. In 2018, a similar exhibition titled 'Our Patiala 2030' was organised across 7 locations which covered public spaces, educational institutions and government offices so as to engage citizens with the mission of Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals & identified targets along with data on road fatalities, air pollution monitoring and proposed design interventions that can support long term vision of sustainable development in the city.

PARTNERS: TRIPP, IIT Delhi has been collaborating with Municipal Corporation of Patiala for the ongoing project. Municipal Corporation of Patiala is responsible for smooth implementation of project and coordination with various line departments. The work and project activities have been supported by Traffic Police of Patiala for traffic management and Patiala Foundation, a city based NGO, for citizen engagement. The district administration has been overseeing this project for better integration of all the local bodies.